Christoph Fischer

One Day in June

By Colin Beazley - Published 2015



One Day in June gives the detailed account of the life of a young RAF navigator, from the early days of WW2 until ...Read Review

Gramsci in Love

By Andrew Pearmain - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Gramsci in Love by Andrew Pearmain is a well-researched fictionalised biography. While the main focus is on the Italian communist leader’s love ...Read Review

A Pride of Poppies

By Adam Fitzroy - By Barry Brennessel - By Charlie Cochrane - By Eleanor Musgrove - By Jay Lewis Taylor - By Julie Bozza - By Lou Faulkner - By Sam Evans - By Wendy C Fries - By Z. McAspurren - Published 2015


Short Stories

A Pride of Poppies is a very impressive superbly written anthology of thirteen stories of differing lengths illustrating World War I through ‘GLBTQI’ ...Read Review

The Java Gold: Book 1: The Odyssey

By Robert Kingsley - Published 2014



The Java Gold: Book 1: The Odyssey was a real treat. As a keen reader of history books with a lesser known setting or ...Read Review

Annie’s Story

By Fenella Forster - Published 2015


We’re going to Australia to better ourselves, Annie…’ Hearing those words from the lips of her fiancé, housemaid Annie’s heart is ...Read Review

A Destiny Between Two Worlds

By Jacques L. Fuqua Jr. - Published 2014



A Destiny Between Two Worlds is a well-researched and profound work of historical fiction about Okinawa in the Pacific War. Rich in historical ...Read Review

Ravenfeast: Farewell to Legend

By Alan Robert Lancaster - Published 2013Published 2013-11-04



Ravenfeast: Farewell to Legend by Alan Robert Lancaster is somewhat of a tour-de-force to get into. Obviously well researched and carefully composed, it ...Read Review

New Frontier of Love: 2 (American Wilderness Series Romance)

By Dorothy Wiley - Published 2014



New Frontier of Love is a historical romance set in the Kentucky of 1797. The romance part takes place between Captain Sam Wyllie and ...Read Review

Bone and Blood

By Margo Gorman - Published 2014


Bone and Blood by Margo Gorman is a fascinating historical novel with a narrative set in Berlin of 2005 during which events sixty years ...Read Review

1914 — First Blood

By John Hughes-Wilson - Published 2014



1914: First Blood – A Tommy Gunn Adventure by John Hughes-Wilson covers the first year of the Great War from the perspective of a young ...Read Review