Why Join the Society?

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The ‘virtuous circle’

We support our members, and our members support us. We promote members’ websites, blogs and social media accounts on our Directory. We look to our members as writers, readers and reviewers, and we publicise and highlight their work. In return many of our members spread the word about us, and we’re grateful for that.

What ‘stuff’ do members get?

Members receive our magazines, are eligible for event discounts, and may be listed in our directory. They will also have access to some exclusive content on the site.

I have a manuscript. Can you find me an agent/publisher?

Not directly. We have projects that will help writers who are starting out (HNS Award, critique groups, our conferences etc), and participating in these may bring you into contact with editors and agents, but that is all.

I’m a published author. Should I join?

We are very proud of our author members and will always do whatever we can to help promote your published work. The more that we know about you, the more you work with us, the more we’ll help. Authors/publicists etc frequently ask if we’ll feature or promote their books as non-members, and we always say yes – it’s what we do – but members get priority.

I don’t write at all, just love the books. Do I qualify?

Yes. We hope to be able to quadruple your TBR stacks by our wide-ranging and searchable reviews! We hope we already bring you a unique way of joining a community in which your favourite authors are active participants, and where you can find new favourite authors as you mooch about.

I would love to write reviews and features for you. Can I do that as a member?

You can. Most of the features and reviews that we publish are written by members and edited by members. When you join we’ll ask you about how you want to get involved with the society, and this will be a chance for you to make contact with us and tell us what you can do. Please be aware that we have guidelines/criteria in place, and that all work is edited. In the first instance, unless we know your writing, we will ask you to write a sample piece for us. See here and here for more information.

I want to support your organisation.

Wonderful! We have a donate button here. (Actually we don’t, yet, because we’re investigating all the tax complications).

Can I get corporate membership? Or join for my library or bookshop?

We’d love to work out a system for ‘group’ memberships – where, for example, a book chain joins and we’d send magazines to ALL your stores. But if the mailing costs fall to us, this will cost the same as standard membership. We could do a LOT better if you distribute via your warehousing systems. Please get in touch and we’ll work something out.