Christoph Fischer

Another Ocean to Cross

By Ann Griffin - Published 2018


This is the remarkable story of Renata, a Jewish woman who manages to escape Germany in 1938. It follows her journey via Italy and ...Read Review

The Titans of the Pacific: A Historical Thriller

By Robert Gammon - Published 2017



Titans of the Pacific tells of the political and economic tribulations in Peru during the early 1930s. It is a novel of the ...Read Review


By Christoph Fischer - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

Ludwika tells the story of a real Polish woman, Ludwika, who was taken to Germany in the Second World War in order to ...Read Review

In Search of a Revolution

By Christoph Fischer - Published 2015


I was drawn to this book by the setting – I have read some Finnish folklore, and a little about contemporary Finland, but there ...Read Review

Gorry Rua Morning

By John C Ryan - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultInspirational

Gorry Rua Morning reads like a powerful childhood memoir. Set in Ireland during World War II, it adds a fresh perspective to the ...Read Review

The Diamond Fund

By Philippa Annett - Published 2014


The Diamond Fund by Philippa Annett is an extraordinary piece of historical fiction. Starting in Russian occupied Poland it describes the story of ...Read Review

Saba’s Choices: Mother Lake

By Haidee Belshaw - Published 2014


Mother Lake (Saba’s Choices Book 1) by Haidee Belshaw is a well-written novel set in the north of Ireland during the Bronze Age. ...Read Review

The Sun’s Companion

By Kathleen Jones - Published 2014


The Sun’s Companion by Kathleen Jones is the story of a friendship during turbulent political times. In short alternating segments, we are ...Read Review

Tristian and Iseult

By J.D. Smith - Published 2013


Tristan and Iseult by J D Smith is a passionate retelling of the famous legend. I must admit that I am not overly ...Read Review

The House of Closed Doors

By Jane Steen - Published 2012



The House of Closed Doors is a gripping story set in a small Midwestern town in the 1870s. The main character, Eleanor (Nell), ...Read Review