Christoph Fischer

Goodbye Burma

By Jean Ellis - Published 2017


Goodbye Burma is inspired by the author’s family’s experience during the Japanese invasion of British-held Burma in 1942. It focuses on several ...Read Review

Another Ocean to Cross

By Ann Griffin - Published 2018


This is the remarkable story of Renata, a Jewish woman who manages to escape Germany in 1938. It follows her journey via Italy and ...Read Review

The Titans of the Pacific: A Historical Thriller

By Robert Gammon - Published 2017



Titans of the Pacific tells of the political and economic tribulations in Peru during the early 1930s. It is a novel of the ...Read Review


By Jay Prasad - Published 2017


This well-researched novel covers in great detail life in Berlin from just before the Russian invasion until after the Nuremberg Trials. Our protagonist, ...Read Review

The Yankee Years: Books 1-3

By Dianne Ascroft - Published 2016


These novellas (The Shadow Ally, Acts of Sabotage, Keeping Her Pledge) introduce Ruth Corey, a young woman in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, in 1941, ...Read Review

An Address in Amsterdam

By Mary Dingee Fillmore - Published 2016


The story follows Rachel Klein, a young Jewish woman who hides during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during WW2 and also works ...Read Review

The Falcon Flies Alone

By Gabrielle Matthieu - Published 2016



For me this was a surprisingly addictive read. At first I didn’t understand the relevance of a setting in the Swiss mountains ...Read Review

The Sage Train: Philosophy Comes to Life

By Nicky Hansell - Published 2016


This novel uses a quirky and original idea: a dead Nietzsche, discussing great philosophers with a travel companion. The book is written in ...Read Review

The Airshipmen

By David Dennington - Published 2015


This book is a clear labour of love, impressive for its technical detail, research and knowledge of aviation history. The main character is ...Read Review

Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots

By Timothy Freriks - Published 2016



This is a fascinating novel about the lesser known War of 1812 – a conflict between the young United States and Britain that played out ...Read Review

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