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1355Project In September 2020, Death in Coimbra won a first-place blue ribbon ... View profile


I am a writer of four novels, two romance, published on a free site and two historical fiction which... View profile


I'm a hostage of the past, exiled in 21st-century Brazil, shipwrecked along the coastline of Ri... View profile

A.B. Michaels earned a bachelor's degree in history from U.C. Davis and a master's degree ... View profile


Ann is the author of eleven--soon to be twelve--historical novels including three set in the sixteen... View profile


Historical Crime author, CBC alumnus. The Wicked Of The Earth, uncovering the deadly conspiracy b... View profile


Writer and playwright, I live in Northern Westchester in New York State.... View profile


A G Rivett was born in London and graduated from St Mary's Medical School in Paddington. He edi... View profile

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