Julie Bozza

Writ in Blood

By Julie Bozza - Published 2021


Historical FantasyWestern

The Wild West gets a queer retelling in this inventive historical with a hint of fantasy. Three point-of-view characters based on real white ...Read Review

A Certain Persuasion: Modern LGBTQ+ Fiction Inspired by Jane Austen’s Novels

By Andrea Demetrius - By Julie Bozza - By Sam Evans - Published 2016


Thirteen stories from eleven authors explore the world of Jane Austen with gender identity twists. Darcys abound, both in period and modern-day. Even ...Read Review

A Pride of Poppies

By Adam Fitzroy - By Barry Brennessel - By Charlie Cochrane - By Eleanor Musgrove - By Jay Lewis Taylor - By Julie Bozza - By Lou Faulkner - By Sam Evans - By Wendy C Fries - By Z. McAspurren - Published 2015


Short Stories

A Pride of Poppies is a very impressive superbly written anthology of thirteen stories of differing lengths illustrating World War I through ‘GLBTQI’ ...Read Review