A Pride of Poppies

Written by Adam Fitzroy Barry Brennessel Charlie Cochrane Eleanor Musgrove Jay Lewis Taylor Julie Bozza Lou Faulkner Sam Evans Wendy C Fries Z. McAspurren
Review by Christoph Fischer

A Pride of Poppies is a very impressive superbly written anthology of thirteen stories of differing lengths illustrating World War I through ‘GLBTQI’ eyes. (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual/transgender/transvestite, Queer/questioning, Intersexual).

The book comprises a varied selection of individual experiences that cover a great range: geographically and emotionally. It is a perspective often neglected or over-dramatized and I applaud the book for hitting a lot of right tones in handling what can be a highly emotive subject.

Entertaining, emotional and thought provoking this not only fills a gap in WWI literature, it is also a very moving and stimulating read with plenty of original ideas.

Very highly recommended.