Christoph Fischer

98k, Biography of a Rifle

By Maurice Kanareck - Published 2013



98k by Maurice Kanareck is an immaculately researched and very knowledgeable book about the story of one iconic rifle. From 1938 to 1982, the rifle ...Read Review

Dappled Light

By Jessica Markwell - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Dappled Light by Jessica Markwell is a well-written and complex novel, comprising four separate narratives that begin in Scotland and Africa in 1860, and ...Read Review

The Men Who Robbed the Great Train Robbers

By Mick Lee - Published 2013Published 2013-12-13



The Men who Robbed the Great Train Robbers is a thriller based on the famous and historic British mail train robbery of 1963. The ...Read Review

28 Bunkers

By Elizabeth Braun - Published 2012


28 Bunkers by Elizabeth Braun is an immaculately researched WWII drama about the Allied bombings of Ludwigshafen, an industrial city in Germany. Told in ...Read Review

Kill Hitler

By Tom Glaser - Published 2013


Alternate HistoryThriller

Kill Hitler by Tom Glaser is an ambitious historical novel about a fictitious plot to assassinate Hitler at an opera performance at the ...Read Review

Upon a Wheel of Fire

By Paul Grieve - Published 1999



Upon a Wheel of Fire is a thoughtful, era-spanning, epic novel that moves from WW1 through the interwar years to WW2 in Europe ...Read Review

The Kennedy Kill

By David Leggat - Published 2013



The Kennedy Kill by David Leggat is a cleverly plotted and gripping spy thriller that spans the period between 1939 and 2009. It provides an ...Read Review

Sacred Mountain

By Robert Ferguson - Published 2013



Sacred Mountain by Robert Ferguson is a well-written and interesting story with two parallel narratives, one set in Burma 1943 and one in Nepal ...Read Review

Dora Versus Picasso

By Cecil Jenkins - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Dora Versus Picasso is an insightful and well researched historical novel that explores the relationship between the painter, Picasso, and one of his ‘...Read Review


By Carol Edgerley - Published 2013


Claire by Carol Edgerley describes the life and loves of Claire O’Hara, a young woman living in colonial India in the 1910s. ...Read Review