The Fickle Tides of Treason

By Jeremy Bennett - Published 2015


It is imminently apparent that Bennett has not only done his research but is also an admirer of his protagonist, Sir Andrew de ...Read Review

The Seas Come Still

By J. P. Jamin - Published 2015



In 1602 BCE, Luyan is a slave aboard a Cilician vessel. When a sea battle turns against them, only Luyan’s life is spared.  ...Read Review

Blood Rose Angel

By Liza Perrat - Published 2015


Heloise is the midwife in a small mid-14th century French town, an occupation she inherited from her late mother and aunt, who ...Read Review

The Last Shroud

By Derek Birks - Published 2015



Ned Elder has many friends and even more enemies, and they all come together in this last installment of Derek Birks’ Rebels and ...Read Review

The Reek of Red Herrings

By Catriona McPherson - Published 2015Published 2016



1930: Dandy Gilver and her sidekick, Alec Osborne, take on a daunting task. Several barrels of a prestigious herring processor’s product have been ...Read Review

Kicking over the Traces

By Elizabeth Jackson - Published 2015



We start with a love triangle. Beautiful gypsy girl Florence has two suitors: the flamboyant and rather raffish lord of the manor, Garrett, ...Read Review

The Investigator

By Margarita Khemlin - Published 2015



Set in the author’s native Ukraine in the early 1950s, the novel tells of the murder of a young woman. It seems ...Read Review

The Book of the Needle

By Matthew Francis - Published 2015


England and Wales in the early-to-mid 17th century. Arise (or Rhys) Evans tells his story, in an ostensible memoir and a book on ...Read Review

Duty and Deception

By Roberta Grieve - Published 2015



In 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst set up the Women’s Suffrage Movement to campaign for votes for women, and their stories are well known, but ...Read Review

Cloak of Ashes: The Women of Beowulf

By Donnita L. Rogers - Published 2015


Seventh-century Scandinavia: Freawaru, the daughter of a king and the lover of the renowned warrior Beowulf, is a seer in her own right ...Read Review

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