Editors' Choice

Bury What We Cannot Take

By Kirstin Chen - Published 2018



1957: Drum Wave Islet in Xiamen, central China is a place where Communism has been fully incorporated into every facet of politics, the economy, ...Read Review

The Pasha of Cuisine: A Novel

By Saygin Ersin (trans. Mark David Wyers) - Published 2018


Ottoman Empire, 16th century: a sumptuous feast is held in a rich merchant’s home for two of the most powerful servants of ...Read Review


By Edward Carey - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiterary

This dreamlike novel imagines the origins of Marie Tussaud, creator of the famous waxworks, and also captures the insanity and chaos of Revolutionary ...Read Review


By Dacre Stoker & J. D. Barker - Published 2018



Bram Stoker, original author of the classic horror story, Dracula, submitted his manuscript to a London publisher in 1897 claiming everything in the book ...Read Review

The Way of All Flesh

By Ambrose Parry - Published 2018



Edinburgh, 1847. Will Raven, a young obstetrician, cannot believe his good luck. He has beat out the competition and joined the practice of Dr. ...Read Review

The Great Level

By Stella Tillyard - Published 2018


England during the interregnum in the 17th century. Jan Brunt, a Dutch engineer, is employed to assist in drawing up plans for the ...Read Review

The Watermelon Boys

By Ruqaya Izzidien - Published 2018



This extraordinary debut novel travels from 1915 to 1920 as World War I rages not only in Europe but also in the Middle East. On ...Read Review

Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis

By Patti Callahan - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Many readers will know C.S. Lewis, beloved author of nonfiction Christian books and the Narnia children’s series. Lewis’s A Grief ...Read Review

The Court Dancer

By Anton Hur (trans.) - By Kyung-Sook Shin - Published 2018



In 1891 a young French diplomat, on his first trip to the Korean imperial palace, sees a beautiful court lady as he makes his ...Read Review

The Kinship of Secrets

By Eugenia Kim - Published 2018


What would make a Korean couple, needing to travel to America for safer and better opportunities, leave behind their natural daughter and take ...Read Review

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