A Destiny Between Two Worlds

Written by Jacques L. Fuqua Jr.
Review by Christoph Fischer

A Destiny Between Two Worlds is a well-researched and profound work of historical fiction about Okinawa in the Pacific War. Rich in historical facts and detail, the book is hugely informative and educational both on a small and a bigger scale.

The author gives not only a vivid account of the war from October 1944 onwards, he also provides plenty of cultural and historical background data that come together as an amazing illustration of the impact that the American attack had on the psyche of the Japanese nation and its people. Several well-chosen characters and their viewpoints give further insights into the many personal experiences. The scenes are set perfectly.

Some readers may find the insertion of data into the narrative distracting. I personally prefer to get the facts in text when needed, rather than having to refer to a history annex. I found they were well placed in this book.

A powerful and important read.