Christoph Fischer

Plaint for Provence

By Jean Gill - Published 2015



The third in the Troubadour Quartet is a beautiful labour of love. The plot is complex and nicely laid out. It involves royal ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Storm

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2015



Kit is abducted in a mysterious and intriguing opening scene that leaves much room for speculation. It soon turns out, though, that she ...Read Review

The Amazing Journey of Humphrey Wilkes

By N.M. Scott - Published 2015



The Amazing Journey of Humphrey Wilkes is a short and unusual work of historical fiction. Playing out in parts in the imagination of ...Read Review

Regret to Inform You

By Derek Jarrett - Published 2015



Regret To Inform You pulled me in with its first page: a charmingly drawn plan of the fictitious village of Rusfield, a sketch ...Read Review

A Murder at Armageddon

By A.K.A. Chisti - Published 2015



This historical mystery concerns a ‘scribe’ and his ‘bodyguard’ in the 1st Century, trying to solve a murder. Not only do they receive ...Read Review

The Exile Breed

By Charles Egan - Published 2015



This novel tells the fortunes of the Ryan family after the Irish Famine of 1847, namely that of Luke and his cousin Danny. It ...Read Review

The Fragrant Concubine

By Melissa Addey - Published 2015


“The Emperor conquers a Muslim country to the west of his empire and summons a local woman from his new dominion to come ...Read Review

Letters from a Patchwork Quilt

By Clare Flynn - Published 2015


This is the tragic story of a young teacher and the love of his life. Letters, found in the book’s prologue (set ...Read Review

The Flame Before Us

By Richard Abbott - Published 2015


The Flame Before Us is a competently written and fascinating novel set in 1200 BC in what is now Syria, Gaza, Israel and Egypt. ...Read Review

The Gypsy’s Son

By Theresa Le Flem - Published 2015


The Gypsy’s Son is set in Cornwall in the 1950s. The story follows a family separated by an accident involving Finn, an ...Read Review