How to Join the Historical Novel Society

Annual cost

Membership costs $50 US* or £40 UK per annum. This covers one year from the date of registration.

* See “pay by check” below for additional cost information

Payment methods


Your debit/credit card payment will be securely processed via PayPal’s website and charged in your own currency. See here for current conversion rates. Please note: You do not have to have or create a PayPal account to use online payment. See the form for details.

By check/cheque

If you prefer to pay by check (cheque), we can accept payments in US dollars or UK pounds ($80* US or £40 UK per annum). You can fill out the form below and select ‘cheque’ for payment – this will open a hidden part of the form showing the address to send to.

* The Society’s banking is based in the United Kingdom, and there are substantial conversion and processing fees charged by its bank when members pay by check in US dollars. These fees are incorporated into the US “pay by check” option in order to allow the Society to offer this payment method. Those wishing to pay in US dollars are strongly encouraged to pay online ($50 online versus $80 via check) and avoid these fees.

Your membership will begin instantly, but will lapse if we have not received your cheque within two weeks. So please mail it promptly, clearly indicating who it is from.

(* = required field)