Jaime Lee Moyer

Divine Heretic

By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2020Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

I have a confession to make; I’ve always hated the mealy-mouthed Joan of Arc of legend, the Maid of Orleans who was ...Read Review


By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

A fantasy novel set during the reign of King John, Brightfall is told through the eyes of Marian: a strong and feisty wife, ...Read Review

Against a Brightening Sky

By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2015



This third in the Delia Martin series shockingly starts with the ghost of a princess pointing to a rooftop gunman – all the warning ...Read Review

A Barricade in Hell

By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2014



This is the second in a series of paranormal mysteries set in San Francisco after the onset of WWI. Delia Martin has the ...Read Review