Against a Brightening Sky

Written by Jaime Lee Moyer
Review by Fiona Alison

This third in the Delia Martin series shockingly starts with the ghost of a princess pointing to a rooftop gunman – all the warning Delia Martin needs to get her friends to safety. Seconds later, a barrage of gunfire rakes the crowded parade square. Amidst the chaos, a girl is flushed from hiding, terrified and with no memory of anything but her name: Alina.

Delia is a long-time familiar of the spirits and ghosts thronging the streets of San Francisco in 1919. She and her mentor, Isadora, are experts in the occult and the supernatural. Tracked by the ghost princess’s reflection, vivid dreams that she knows are replays of Alina’s previous life haunt Delia nightly. Following several brutal murders which are interconnected, Delia’s husband, Detective Gabe Ryan, enlists her and Dora’s spiritual acuity to ferret out the killer. This is no ordinary murderer, but the mysterious Alina is clearly the target!

This is a marvelous supernatural tale of ghosts and apparitions and ancient Guardians. A dark murder mystery with intriguingly complex characters confronting malevolent, spine-chilling forces, this excellent stand-alone draws upon a real-life unsolved mystery.