The Not So Quiet Life of Calamity Jane

By K. Lyn Wurth - Published 2021


Biographical FictionWestern

In 1862 in Missouri, Martha Jane Cannary is six, the oldest sister to crying baby brothers and sisters. Her often absent mother craves whiskey ...Read Review

Dread Tribunal of Last Resort

By Brian Kaufman - Published 2021


In 1861, Decker Brown returns home to Richmond, Virginia after having spent two years studying rocketry and illumination science in Boston. Decker has big ...Read Review

Meet Me in Bombay

By Jenny Ashcroft - Published 2019Published 2021


This is an intensely gripping story that takes you on a journey of past, present and the future. Maddy is swept off her ...Read Review

Never Let Go

By Pamela Nowak - Published 2021



Between 1848 and 1856, five women from different backgrounds marry and begin learning how to deal with the hardships of becoming frontier wives. Laura Duley ...Read Review

The Tea Gardens

By Fiona McIntosh - Published 2021


It is one thing to write a historical novel but quite another to present that story in language so naturally redolent with airs ...Read Review

The Graves of Whitechapel

By Claire Evans - Published 2021



Whitechapel, London in the winter of 1882. Cage (Micajah) Lackmann is a young-ish barrister, charming, handsome and a poet to boot, who ostensibly makes ...Read Review

St. Louis Sam and the Desperados

By Pinkie Paranya - Published 2021



Across a salsa-red cover, three cowboy silhouettes ride into the sunset. It’s impossible not to smile at them, and equally impossible not ...Read Review

Founding Sheriff (Five Star Western: High Mountain Sheriffs)

By Edward Massey - Published 2021



In 1865, Luke Simms is the sheriff in Coalville, located in Summit County of Utah Territory. At a nearby ranch, Fisk Scales murders his ...Read Review

People Like Us

By Louise Fein - Published 2021


At one level this is a timeless story of star-crossed lovers.  A young couple defy the conventions of the adult world and are ...Read Review

The Paris Library

By Janet Skeslien Charles - Published 2021


Charles frames her dual narrative with the voices of Odile, a young woman working at the American Library in Paris (ALP) from the ...Read Review