Bar Kokhba: The Jew Who Defied Hadrian and Challenged the Might of Rome

By Lindsay Powell - Published 2021



Part travelogue yet still solid non-fiction history, this is a story about two fascinating personalities and the doomed attempt of one, Bar Kokhba, ...Read Review

The Last Librarian and the Quest for Eternal Life: The Last Librarian Book 1

By John De Groot - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

With “quest” in the title, author De Groot sets us on an Indiana Jones-style journey back to the days of the Greek pharaohs ...Read Review

Exquisite Corpse

By Maryam DIENER - Published 2021



New York, 1940: the Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington, whilst relieved that she has escaped the war in Europe with her new husband, comes to ...Read Review

Girls Before Earls (Rogues To Lovers, 1)

By Anna Bennett - Published 2021



1814. Gabriel Beckett, Earl of Bladenton, is desperate to find a school that will accept his wayward niece, Kitty. Since Miss Hazel Lively, the ...Read Review

The Air Raid Girls (The Air Raid Girls, 1)

By Jenny Holmes - Published 2021



Set as we move towards Christmas Eve of 1941, this book continues the story of Pamela, Connie, and Lizzie and, although I hadn’t ...Read Review

By the Edge of the Sword (A Mediaeval Mystery)

By C.B. Hanley - Published 2021



Christmas in 1218. A stranger found frozen to death carries a message for our main characters, Martin and Edwin. An old friend named Joanna ...Read Review

Hettie and the Ghost

By Becca De La Rosa - Published 2021


Late Victorian London: This novel opens with a compellingly described séance, seen through the eyes of 19-year-old Hettie: ‘beside her, someone swallowed ...Read Review

Cut From The Earth

By Stephanie Renee Dos Santos - Published 2021


This beautifully written novel set in Lisbon in 1755 tells the story of Pêro, a gifted tile-maker who is dedicated to freeing slaves ...Read Review

Journeys: The Archers of Saint Sebastian

By Jeanne Roland - Published 2021



It’s 1347 in Ardennes, a Belgian principality, where archery is a military skill and a popular all-male sport. Every other year, the prestigious ...Read Review

Madam in Lace (The American Madams Book 3)

By Gini Grossenbacher - Published 2021


Celeste Bazin was born in Paris but has spent six years as a prostitute in New Orleans and San Francisco. Now she has ...Read Review

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