Jean-Luc & Anna Lise: A Novel of the Napoleonic Wars

By A. G. Cullen - Published 2021



Jean-Luc and Anna Lise is an epic novel of the Napoleonic Wars seen through the eyes of Jean-Luc, a soldier in Napoleon’s ...Read Review

Reluctant Pilgrim

By ffiona Perigrinor - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Margery Kempe is credited with having written the first English autobiography. Not that she wrote it herself—she did not know how to. ...Read Review

Thunder of Guns (The Long Fuse)

By Jason Born - Published 2021



This is book seven in The Long Fuse series. In 1758, Pennsylvanian Ephraim Weber, 22, is an ensign in the British colonial army during the ...Read Review

The Unseen (The Sufi Mysteries Quartet)

By Laury Silvers - Published 2021



10th-century Baghdad. The body of a murdered man is found, his wounds seemingly identical to those suffered by the martyr Abbas ibn Ali ...Read Review

The Curious Spell of Madam Genova

By J. G. Schwartz - Published 2021


In The Curious Spell of Madam Genova, the reader is taken on a journey through the 20th and 21st centuries as we follow ...Read Review

Blue Desert

By Celia Jeffries - Published 2021


Blue Desert is a hauntingly beautiful novel about Alice, a young Englishwoman whose family moves to Morocco in 1910. After a car accident, she ...Read Review

The Wolf in Winter: An Epic Retelling of the Tristan and Isolde Legend, set in Dark Age Scotland (Volume I of The Trystan Trilogy)

By Barbara Lennox - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

One choice ended Corwynal’s dreams of becoming a famed warrior and the future king of Lothian. When the dying gasp of a ...Read Review

Windswept (The Windswept Saga)

By Annabelle McCormack - Published 2021



A wounded ally working undercover; a coded message; a traitor in their midst. Intrigue and sleuthing are not what Lady Virginia Whitman signed ...Read Review

Bar Kokhba: The Jew Who Defied Hadrian and Challenged the Might of Rome

By Lindsay Powell - Published 2021



Part travelogue yet still solid non-fiction history, this is a story about two fascinating personalities and the doomed attempt of one, Bar Kokhba, ...Read Review

The Last Librarian and the Quest for Eternal Life: The Last Librarian Book 1

By John De Groot - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

With “quest” in the title, author De Groot sets us on an Indiana Jones-style journey back to the days of the Greek pharaohs ...Read Review

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