By Dorothea Cobb - Published 2020



Gallimore is a family saga that digs into the roots of a family tree. Opening in 1765 London, after Gemma and her young son ...Read Review

The Lost Wisdom of the Magi

By Susie Helme - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In this biographical historical novel set during the 1st century, Sophia is a Jew who loves exploring the royal archives as her father’...Read Review

The Dowry

By Ikbal Singh - Published 2020


The Dowry highlights the important anti-dowry abuse campaigns commencing in 1972-73. Commendably, Maya, the protagonist, leads reform campaigns with some assistance from family ...Read Review

A Girl Made of Air

By Nydia Hetherington - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

“Everyone is the star of their own show, performing for the passing, faceless crowds. We are all clowns.” On the ground, she was ...Read Review

I, Master Shakespeare

By David Lawrence-Young - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Written in the form of William Shakespeare’s autobiography, the novel tells his life story from his birth in April 1564 to his death ...Read Review

For Better, For Worse

By June Francis - Published 2020



This follows the story of Grace who is promised to marry Dougie, her first cousin, in Liverpool in pre-World War Two times. Grace ...Read Review

Blood Feud (Legend of the Cid)

By Stuart Rudge - Published 2020


Much of Hispania in the 11th century is under the domination of Islamic Moors while a few small, squabbling, Christian kingdoms precariously survive ...Read Review

Summer Warrior (The Clan Donald Saga)

By Regan Walker - Published 2020



By the mid-12th century, the Gaels of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isles are hunting down the remnants of the Viking invaders of ...Read Review

Half the Terrible Things

By Paul Legler - Published 2020


A loophole in the U.S. Constitution (vividly documented in the film The 13th) provides for the continuation of slavery, as long as ...Read Review

The Book of Skulls: Book 1 in the Doctresses series

By David Hutchison - Published 2020



The Book of Skulls, book one in the Doctresses series, is a delightfully unconventional historical mystery set in 1875 Edinburgh. It is the first ...Read Review

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