The Lost Diary of M

By Paul Wolfe - Published 2020



In 1964, Washington socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered during her daily walk in Georgetown. The murder remains unsolved to this day, and rumors ...Read Review

Isaiah’s Legacy: A Novel of Prophets and Kings

By Mesu Andrews - Published 2020



In a small village in Judah, a young girl, Shulle, lives a happy yet simple life with her gentle and sometimes strange father, ...Read Review

Things in Jars

By Jess Kidd - Published 2020



Red-haired, sharp-witted Bridie Devine is an interesting woman; she’s been a lot of things in her life, the latest of which is ...Read Review

Blood Countess (A Lady Slayers Novel)

By Lana Popovic - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultMystery/CrimeThriller

Blood Countess is a historical tale of gothic suspense and horror set in 16th-century Hungary. Sixteen-year-old Anna, a gifted healer, comes to the ...Read Review

Star of Persia: Esther’s Story

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2020



Bestselling biblical fiction author Jill Eileen Smith breathes new life into the story of Queen Esther, the titular Star of Persia, by steeping ...Read Review

The Tempting of the Governess (The Cinderella Spinsters)

By Julia Justiss - Published 2020



Left destitute after her mother’s death and the trustees’ unwise investment of her funds, Olivia Overton chooses to support herself as a ...Read Review

Show Me a Sign

By Ann Clare LeZotte - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

This middle-grade historical novel offers a unique setting with a compelling, relatable heroine who faces horrific prejudice while navigating her own biases. Set ...Read Review

Village of Scoundrels

By Margi Preus - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultLiterary

Based on the true story of villagers who saved thousands of Jews during World War II, Village of Scoundrels traces the fortunes and ...Read Review

The Vinyl Underground

By Rob Rufus - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1968 Ronald Bingham is mourning the death of his brother Bruce in Vietnam. It’s a pain that hangs with him all the ...Read Review

The Borgia Confessions

By Alyssa Palombo - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is Alyssa Palombo’s fourth novel and, like her first two, this one takes place in Italy. Set during the Renaissance, it ...Read Review

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