Forever My Duke (Unlikely Duchesses, 2)

By Olivia Drake - Published 2019



In Forever My Duke the author introduces us to her hero, the austere Hadrian Ames, Duke of Clayton. His mother, the Dowager Duchess, ...Read Review

The Pope’s Army: The Papacy in Diplomacy and War

By John Carr - Published 2019



‘How many divisions has the Pope?’ joked Stalin at the Yalta conference.  By then the idea of the papacy as a military power ...Read Review

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie and the Elegant Ride

By Jean Flahive - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Millie Thayer is caught up in a dream, but world events may derail the plan to exchange her Maine farm life for more ...Read Review

Ravens before Noah

By Nazareth Seferian (trans.) - By Susanna Harutyunyan - Published 2019



Susanna Harutyunyan (b. 1963) is one of Armenia’s most acclaimed writers. This novel is a complex, multi-layered work that chronicles some of the ...Read Review

Trafalgar and The Battle of Salamanca: Two Novels of the Spanish Wars

By Benito Pérez Galdós - By Rick Morgan (trans.) - Published 2019



Benito Pérez Galdós’ books have been placed alongside the writings of Spain’s other great author, Miguel de Cervantes. His prose ...Read Review

A Flame Out at Sea

By Novikov Dmitry - Published 2019



This is a novel about the Russian North, the land of the Pomors, a landscape of lakes and forests, bears and fish, where ...Read Review

The Boy with Blue Trousers

By Carol Jones - Published 2019


The Boy with Blue Trousers is set in 1856/57 in the Pearl River Delta, China and Robetown, Australia. The narrative alternates between the life ...Read Review

Bitter Harvest Moon

By D M Hanson - Published 2019


1914, Hull. When war is declared, Emily Walker is an impressionable eleven-year-old. Her two elder brothers join up, as does Robert, the boy next ...Read Review

Katharina – Fortitude

By Margaret Skea - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

This is a truly heart-warming story of a woman’s life as she marries and raises a family in Wittenberg, Saxony. The story ...Read Review

The Missing Sister

By Dinah Jefferies - Published 2019



The bestselling author of The Tea Planter’s Wife has written another historical mystery featuring complex family relationships, love, and betrayal. Annabelle (Belle) ...Read Review

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