The Strings of Murder

Written by Oscar de Muriel
Review by Alice Cochran

In 1888 London, Inspector Ian Frey is down on his luck. Having lost his job, his girl, and the respect of his family, his prospects seem bleak. That is, until the Prime Minister assigns him to a high-profile case, which must be kept hush-hush. This case brings him to Edinburgh, Scotland and into the command of the wacky and uncouth “Nine Nails” McGray. The two show remarkably different approaches to the case, from the people they encounter to life in general. However, they create an effective and sometimes humorous duo on the trail of a sadistic killer.

The Strings of Murder is not without its slow sections, but there is always the promise of one lead or another to keep the reader turning the pages. With its heart-pounding and exhilarating end, the finale must be read in one sitting. Overall, this is well-written with colorful characters and relatable developments. Recommended without hesitation.