HNR Issue 77 (August 2016)

The Tea Planter’s Bride: India Tea Series, Book 2

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2016



Sophie Logan only remembers the Indian tea plantation of her childhood through snippets of hazy memories.  When she was six years old, her ...Read Review

The Secret Book of Kings

By Yardenne Greenspan (trans.) - By Yochi Brandes - Published 2016


This is the English translation of the latest Biblical fiction offering by a popular Israeli author. Set in the tumultuous Davidic period, young ...Read Review

The Service of the Dead

By Candace Robb - Published 2016



Candace Robb re-emerges! As a fan of her Owen Archer mysteries, I anxiously awaited the beginning of this new series starring a young ...Read Review

The Rivals of Versailles

By Sally Christie - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

The Rivals of Versailles, the second book in the Mistresses of Versailles trilogy, tells the story of King Louis XV’s most powerful ...Read Review

Bride of a Distant Isle

By Sandra Byrd - Published 2016



Hampshire, 1851: Annabel Ashton visits her cousin Edward over the summer at the family home. The illegitimate child of an insane mother, Annabel has ...Read Review


By Wallace King - Published 2016


Soon after war breaks out between the North and the South, Bledsoe, an escaped slave from the Our Joy plantation, meets Alice, an ...Read Review

The Strawberry Girl

By Lisa Stromme - Published 2016


It’s summer 1893, and the Norwegian fishing village of Asgardstrand is swelled by an influx of well-to-do guests and bohemian artists from the ...Read Review

Eden Gardens

By Louise Brown - Published 2016


This is the story of three women living in Calcutta in the 1940s – Barbara Brooks (Mam), her daughter Maisy and her ayah Pushpa. ...Read Review

The Memory of Us

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2016


England, 1961. The suicide attempt of a lonely midwife is interrupted by a boy whose mother has gone into premature labor. When the midwife ...Read Review

Death on the Sapphire: A Lady Frances Ffolkes Mystery

By R. J. Koreto - Published 2016



Lady Frances Ffolkes is an extremely busy woman. Along with chairing the Women’s Political Equality movement, meetings with the Ladies’ Educational Improvement ...Read Review

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