Children of Sugarcane

By Joanne Joseph - Published 2022


Madras, India, late 1860s: Shanti, a lowly village girl, fears marriage, despite having loving parents. It’s how things are. Girls must be ...Read Review

A Sin of Omission

By Marguerite Poland - Published 2022



A heart-wrenching story elevated through luminous writing, Marguerite Poland’s fictional tribute to a historical Black South African missionary was shortlisted for the 2020 ...Read Review

A Rip Through Time

By Kelley Armstrong - Published 2022



Armstrong’s novel requires the suspension of disbelief: a woman nearly murdered and left for dead wakes up 150 years earlier. Just before she’...Read Review

Spring of Hope (A Gaslight Mystery, 4)

By Cora Harrison - Published 2022



A letter from Wilkie Collins as he lay dying in 1889 recalls an incident from 30 years before. It’s the time of the Great ...Read Review

The Language of Food (UK) / Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen (US)

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

It’s not often you find a book that’s a real feast, but this is one of them. Annabel Abbs’ novel is ...Read Review

The Price of Glory

By Caroline Warfield - Published 2021


In 1839, Richard Mallet, called Aeneas, is in Cairo to unravel the secrets of the Kushite language. In a souk, he rescues Analiese (Ana) ...Read Review

The Tivoli Murders

By John Pilkington - Published 2021



London, 1891. The Ripper murders have ground to a halt, although nobody has been arrested. London is still jittery, so when two men are ...Read Review

Ripped Away

By Shirley Reva Vernick - Published 2022



When the fortune teller asks Abe what he’d change about his life, he responds, “I guess I’d be a different person…...Read Review

Perseverance Place

By Elisabeth McNeill - Published (c1992)Published 2021



1890 Edinburgh. When Brabazon Nairn’s husband Duncan is bankrupted, they and their two teenage sons, Henry and Laurence, must start over, taking up ...Read Review

Breaking the Maafa Chain

By Anni Domingo - Published 2022


Based on the true story of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, known as an African princess and goddaughter of Queen Victoria, Breaking the Maafa Chain ...Read Review

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