Small Eden

By Jane Davis - Published 2022


1884. When the two young sons of Robert and Freya Cook die of scarlet fever, Robert is guilt-ridden for denying the seriousness of the ...Read Review

Murder at Old St. Thomas’s

By Lisa M. Lane - Published 2022



London, 1862. The body of Thaddeus Morton, famous surgeon, sits upright and nailed to one of the seats in the operating theater of Old ...Read Review

The Hellion and the Hero

By Emily Sullivan - Published 2022



The third installment in the A League of Scoundrels series is a satisfyingly steamy romance with a lot of depth to the story. ...Read Review

Madam in Lace (The American Madams Book 3)

By Gini Grossenbacher - Published 2021


Celeste Bazin was born in Paris but has spent six years as a prostitute in New Orleans and San Francisco. Now she has ...Read Review

A Very Modern Marriage (The Ladies of Carson Street)

By Rachel Brimble - Published 2022


On the occasion of Nancy’s wedding, Octavia and Louisa are discussing the future of their brothel on Carson Street.  Meanwhile at his ...Read Review

Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder (A Miss Morton Mystery)

By Catherine Lloyd - Published 2022



Lady Caroline Morton, daughter of the late Earl of Morton, has fallen upon hard times. Necessity has compelled her to seek employment as ...Read Review

The Secret of Bow Lane (A Below Stairs Mystery)

By Jennifer Ashley - Published 2022



In this sixth installment of the Below Stairs Mysteries, set in Victorian-era London, cook Kat Holloway is confronted by Charlotte Bristow, legal wife ...Read Review

A Mother’s Betrayal

By Emma Hornby - Published 2022



This novel is about a woman named Mara, who is married into a 19th-century family that has abused her from the start. Her ...Read Review

A Bride’s Guide to Marriage and Murder (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery)

By Dianne Freeman - Published 2022



Fans of this Victorian mystery series will be delighted that Frances, widowed Countess of Harleigh, has finally married her gallant sweetheart, George Hazelton. ...Read Review

The Belladonna Maze

By Sinead Crowley - Published 2022


Gothic horror meets modern romance. The historic stream of this dual-narrative novel (actually, there is a short third stream towards the end) is ...Read Review

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