Things in Jars

By Jess Kidd - Published 2020



Red-haired, sharp-witted Bridie Devine is an interesting woman; she’s been a lot of things in her life, the latest of which is ...Read Review

Fear on the Phantom Special (Railway Detective)

By Edward Marston - Published 2019



Lake District, Halloween 1861. Passengers have boarded The Phantom Special expecting thrills on a railway journey that will take them through woodland notorious for ...Read Review

The Road to Lattimer

By Virginia Rafferty - Published 2019



In the late 1800s, four families from Austria-Hungary emigrate to America in search of a better life. Their homeland, caught up in political ...Read Review

Symphony No. 3

By Chris Eaton - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Camille Saint-Saëns believed that the symphony he finished in 1886 was the best he could compose. “What I have here accomplished,” he said ...Read Review

The Earl Takes a Fancy: A Sins for All Seasons Novel

By Lorraine Heath - Published 2020



Although she was born out of wedlock and raised among the working class, Fancy Trewlove’s family wants her to marry into the ...Read Review

Winter of Despair (A Gaslight Mystery)

By Cora Harrison - Published 2020



Set in 1853 in London, this second in the Gaslight series again features Wilkie Collins as narrator and Charles Dickens as all-around detective, great ...Read Review

The Great Unknown

By Peg Kingman - Published 2020


When published in 1844, Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation was an instant success; its first edition sold out within days. It was ...Read Review

Book of the Just (The Bohemian Trilogy)

By Dana Chamblee Carpenter - Published 2018


Historical FantasyThriller

In this conclusion to her absorbing gothic fantasy, The Bohemian Trilogy, Carpenter has sent her uncanny heroine, Mouse, fleeing across the globe with ...Read Review

A Convenient Fiction (Parish Orphans of Devon)

By Mimi Matthews - Published 2019



1860. Laura Hayes submerges herself in a pond, holding her breath to ‘strengthen her lungs,’ only to be unceremoniously ‘rescued’ by a stranger. He ...Read Review

Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper)

By Kerri Maniscalco - Published 2019


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

In this fourth and final installment of Maniscalco’s sassy and salacious Stalking Jack the Ripper series, the darkly brilliant power-couple Audrey Rose ...Read Review

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