Water Lily Dance

By Michelle Muriel - Published 2019


Missouri, 2014: “I have to find what’s missing so I can move beyond those memories, find what they stole from me, what I ...Read Review

Murder at the Opera: An Atlas Catesby Mystery

By D. M. Quincy - Published 2019



Wendela Pike is shot to death in front of the Covent Garden opera theater as private detective Atlas Catesby is helping his escort, ...Read Review

The Darker Arts

By Oscar de Muriel - Published 2019



Edinburgh 1889. In the fifth in the Scotland-based series, detective inspectors Adolphus McGray and Ian Frey are summoned to investigate the mysterious deaths of ...Read Review

The Artful Match (London Beginnings)

By Jennifer Delamere - Published 2019



Set in 1881, this third volume of the London Beginnings series focuses on Cara Bernay, aspiring artist and disgraced governess.  Dismissed for accidentally endangering ...Read Review

Workhouse Nightingale

By Holly Green - Published 2019


1850s. Dora Latimer, an illegitimate, mixed-race girl, is brought to England by her sea-captain father and brought up with his other children, to ...Read Review

A Slip of a Girl

By Patricia Reilly Giff - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

At her mother’s deathbed, Anna Mallon promises to take care of her little sister Nuala, as well as her family’s house ...Read Review

The Vexations

By Caitlin Horrocks - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Erik Satie (1866-1925) became a famous composer during La Belle Époque in Paris.  This novel is a creative depiction of what was behind ...Read Review

The Matchgirl

By Lynette Rees - Published 2019


It is 1888, and sixteen-year-old Lottie Perkins works for Bryant & May match manufacturers in London’s East End, where she catches the eye ...Read Review

Among the Fallen

By Virginia Frances Schwartz - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

The ability to recognize one’s humanity and see the humanity of others is a life-saving gift. Among the Fallen is the story ...Read Review

The Princess Plan (A Royal Wedding)

By Julia London - Published 2019



1845. Eliza Tricklebank edits and runs Honeycutt’s Gazette, which is filled with the gossip which London’s ladies crave: the foibles of the ...Read Review

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