19th Century

Godmersham Park

By Gill Hornby - Published 2022


The Jane Austen literary industry continues apace, but this is a marvelous addition to the genre—waspish and well-written, with all the incisive ...Read Review

The Thread Collectors

By Alyson Richman - Published 2022


Focused mostly on New Orleans in 1863 and 1864, this novel follows the lives of people of color during the Civil War. William, a talented ...Read Review

Small Eden

By Jane Davis - Published 2022


1884. When the two young sons of Robert and Freya Cook die of scarlet fever, Robert is guilt-ridden for denying the seriousness of the ...Read Review

Murder at Old St. Thomas’s

By Lisa M. Lane - Published 2022



London, 1862. The body of Thaddeus Morton, famous surgeon, sits upright and nailed to one of the seats in the operating theater of Old ...Read Review

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

By Sophie Irwin - Published 2022



After both her parents die, leaving crushing debts, and then her intended breaks their engagement, Kitty Talbot needs to find another wealthy husband ...Read Review

Nobody’s Princess

By Erica Ridley - Published 2022



The London-based Wynchesters, a blended family of varied talents and diverse abilities, are the self-appointed guardians of the downtrodden. But when circus-trained Graham ...Read Review

W.: A Novel

By Steve Sem-Sandberg - Published 2022



W. is based on the 1821 true crime story of Johann Christian Woyzeck of Leipzig, who murdered his lover in a jealous rage and ...Read Review

The Hellion and the Hero

By Emily Sullivan - Published 2022



The third installment in the A League of Scoundrels series is a satisfyingly steamy romance with a lot of depth to the story. ...Read Review

A Ha’penny Will Do

By Alison Huntingford - Published 2022


This family history is set mainly in London from 1879 to 1920.  At its center is the fictive journal of Huntingford’s great-grandmother, the beautiful ...Read Review

Madam in Lace (The American Madams Book 3)

By Gini Grossenbacher - Published 2021


Celeste Bazin was born in Paris but has spent six years as a prostitute in New Orleans and San Francisco. Now she has ...Read Review

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