19th Century

The Sweet Blue Distance

By Sara Donati - Published 2024


Another inviting plunge into 19th-century America, Donati’s long-awaited novel sits between the Wilderness series (1792-1824) and the Waverly Place duology (1883-1885). When ...Read Review

Inferno on Fifth

By Marlie Parker Wasserman - Published 2023



This fin-de-siècle mystery centers on the Windsor Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which burned to the ground on March 17, 1899. ...Read Review

A Sweet Sting of Salt

By Rose Sutherland - Published 2024


Sutherland retells the folktale, “The Selkie Wife,” in this moving novel of two women and their potential love for each other. She exposes ...Read Review

All We Were Promised

By Ashton Lattimore - Published 2024


Lattimore’s debut exudes originality in its characters, plot situations, and especially in its well-chosen setting of 1830s Philadelphia, “the self-proclaimed cradle of ...Read Review

Our Little Histories

By Janice Weizman - Published 2023



Every human being has their own little history. The seven little histories in this book come from imagined characters in an extended Jewish ...Read Review

Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man

By Violet Marsh - Published 2024



In this fast-paced Georgian romance, Lady Charlotte Lovett finds herself betrothed to the sinister Viscount Hawley by her socially ambitious parents, even though ...Read Review

To Love the Brooding Baron (Proper Romance Regency)

By Jentry Flint - Published 2024


Inspirational Romance

London, 1815. Arabella Latham is ‘searching for a spark’ which would signal she has found love. What she does not expect is to find ...Read Review

The Book of Thorns

By Hester Fox - Published 2024


Thorns and roses, anger and love. Flowers have long been associated with human emotions, and this novel very adroitly takes these connections and ...Read Review

Here Is Not Our Home

By Francis Mallett - Published 2023


From roughly 1880 to 1938, Vienna, Austria, became the home away from home for many composers, painters, writers and thinkers. Some profoundly influenced future generations. ...Read Review

Boryslav in Flames

By Ivan Franko - By Yuri Tkacz (trans.) - Published 2023


Biographical FictionLiterary

Ivan Franko (1856-1916) was an author, poet, journalist, literary critic and political activist in his native Galicia, a man of many parts and ...Read Review

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