Loch of the Dead

By Oscar de Muriel - Published 2018Published 2019



In this suspenseful Gothic novel set in Scotland in 1889, Ian Frey and ‘Nine Nails’ McGray face an evil that challenges their detective skills ...Read Review

The Liverpool Nightingales (The Nursing Series)

By Kate Eastham - Published 2019


Starting her story in 1870 and moving the location to a deprived area of Liverpool, the latest offering from Kate Eastham sees another group ...Read Review

Mandodari: Queen of Lanka

By Manini J. Anandani - Published 2018



In mythological times in India, an apsara is enamored with the god Shiva, who seduces her. Although it enrages his consort, Parvati, who ...Read Review

The Dante Chamber

By Matthew Pearl - Published 2018



On a midwinter’s eve in 1870, Jasper Morton, Member of Parliament, staggers under a rock he’s carrying, collapses in a seedy London ...Read Review

Blood Forest

By Geraint Jones - Published 2017



Minden, Germania. 9 AD. Found by the 17th Legion naked and covered in sacrificial blood, he has no name. He has no recollection of ...Read Review

Winston and the Marmalade Cat

By Megan Rix - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

1962. Seven-year-old Harry loves helping out Mr Jenner at his local RSPCA centre. He longs for a pet of his own but his father, ...Read Review

The Wilding Sisters

By Eve Chase - Published 2017



The Wilding Sisters is an artful, dual-period mystery set in 1959 and 2009. It takes place both in London and in the gorgeous English countryside. ...Read Review

Swimming Home

By Mary-Rose MacColl - Published 2016


MacColl gives us a thoroughly enjoyable read in this book describing the changing circumstances of 15-year-old Catherine Quick in 1925. Catherine is a swimmer ...Read Review

My Fellow Soldiers: General John Pershing and the Americans Who Helped Win the Great War

By Andrew Carroll - Published 2017



Illuminating first-hand letters and diaries, including some newly discovered, enable the author to credibly deliver another historical non-fiction masterpiece. This book focuses on ...Read Review

If I Could Tell You

By Elizabeth Wilhide - Published 2016Published 2017


Does war unravel the fabric of traditional society or merely highlight the pre-existing tears in an already frail material? When Julia Compton, the ...Read Review

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