The Sky Above Us (Sunrise at Normandy)

Written by Sarah Sundin
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

This is Book Two of Sundin’s Sunrise at Normandy series. Set mostly in England just before the D-Day invasion of 1944, it is the story of Adler Paxton, a P-51 fighter pilot, and Violet Lindstrom, a Red Cross volunteer. Adler is fighting demons of his own past as well as battling the Germans. Violet wants to help him resolve his tangled family problems and to progress on her own path to be a missionary. They both struggle with Christian issues as they try to work through their sins and discern what God really wants them to do.

The social and military history is deeply researched. There is a wealth of material about a World War II pilot’s life and how a Red Cross support facility functioned. The multi-layered story moves forward quickly toward June 6, 1944. It should keep readers riveted as they wait for the resolution of several plot lines. The story stands alone just barely. Adler and Violet’s romance seems headed in the right direction, and some of their past conflicts are resolved. The fate of Adler’s brother Clay is left hanging. Readers will have to wait for the next book, due in 2020.