HNR Issue 87 (February 2019)


By Liz McSkeane - Published 2018


In 17th-century Spain, Fray Martin de Sepulveda is living in relative obscurity after a scandal nearly brought him unwanted attention from the Inquisition. ...Read Review

Beyond the Bay

By Rebecca Burns - Published 2018


Isobel and her husband Brendan left England to make a new life in New Zealand, but after ten years of struggling they have ...Read Review

The Hundred Wells of Salaga

By Ayesha Harruna Attah - Published 2018Published 2019



Near the end of the 19th century, as transatlantic slavery has been essentially abolished, internal slavery persists in Ghana. Two quite different young ...Read Review

Leading Men

By Christopher Castellani - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Leading Men achieves what historical fiction does best. Taking the spotlight from the famous protagonists in history, the novel projects its luminous beam ...Read Review

The Blue

By Nancy Bilyeau (author) - Published 2018


Genevieve Planché, granddaughter of French Huguenots, desperately wants to escape her stifling existence in Spitalfields to be a “history painter” in the fashion ...Read Review

The Children of Jocasta

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2018



Another group of girls break their silence in this brilliant adaptation of the Oedipus myth, told from the perspective of its female protagonists. ...Read Review

Rival Queens: The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots

By Kate Williams - Published 2018



This very readable and fast-paced biography relates the story of Mary Stuart in a fresh and engaging way. As in any book on ...Read Review

Erebus: The Story of a Ship

By Michael Palin (author) - Published 2018



In 1826, HMS Erebus, a ‘bomb’ vessel strong enough to carry heavy mortars, was built of oak and reinforced with iron. In 1839, having demonstrated ...Read Review

Endeavour: The Ship and the Attitude that Changed the World

By Peter Moore (author) - Published 2018



Ranked among ships of historic note—Drake’s Golden Hind, Bligh’s Bounty, Franklin’s Erebus, Titanic—is the Endeavour, in which Lieutenant ...Read Review

Fight to the Finish: The First World War – Month by Month

By Allan Mallinson - Published 2018



There have been many books written about the Great War. This one, I’d suggest, be made a textbook for secondary schools discussing ...Read Review

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