Maid of Baikal: An Alternative Historical Novel of the Russian Civil War

By Preston Fleming - Published 2018-05-11


Alternate HistoryEpic

Captain Edmund du Pont arrives in Siberia in November 1918 to establish wireless stations as part of the American Expeditionary Force’s aid to ...Read Review

Fateful Decisions

By Trevor D'Silva - Published 2017-10-20


Fateful Decisions starts with the WWI sinking of the Lusitania. On board are two young women: Rachel Williams and her best friend, Martha ...Read Review

The Evacuee Summer

By Katie King - Published 2018


In 1940 many children were sent away from London to escape the German bombing, and Katie King’s Evacuee series reflects this. This book ...Read Review

Islands of Deception: Lying with the Enemy

By Constance Hood - Published 2018-01-15



This novel, based on the historical contents of filing cabinets containing memoirs, letters, journals, and photos of declassified Counter Intelligence Corps documents, is ...Read Review


By Jay Prasad - Published 2017


This well-researched novel covers in great detail life in Berlin from just before the Russian invasion until after the Nuremberg Trials. Our protagonist, ...Read Review

Coming Home to Island House

By Erica James - Published 2018



It is summer 1939, and Jack Deveraux’s death is less a matter of grief than of challenge to his estranged children: his will ...Read Review

The Turnkey of Highgate Cemetery

By Allison Rushby - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Early in WWII, facing increasingly devastating bombing, people in Britain were deeply concerned that Hitler was about to invade them and take over ...Read Review

In Harm’s Way: JFK, World War II, and the Heroic Rescue of PT 109

By Iain Martin - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultNonfiction

For future president John F. Kennedy, the night of August 2, 1943 would cement his future as a war hero and leader. It would also ...Read Review

Lieutenant Kurosawa’s Errand Boy

By Warran Kalasegaran - Published 2017



This story of the lives of Nanban, Kurosawa, Papatti and her family, and the Japanese who took over Singapore during WWII focuses on ...Read Review

The War Below

By Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Hidden among corpses, Luka Barukovich anxiously waits for the truck to drive through the gates. It is his only chance for life and ...Read Review

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