20th Century

The Island of Sea Women

By Lisa See - Published 2019



Life for women in Jeju, a remote Korean island, is very different than in other places. Here women are the breadwinners, working outside ...Read Review

House of Glass

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2018


Clara Waterfield grew up in the early years of the 20th century with the rare medical condition of having extraordinarily delicate bones, liable ...Read Review

Feast Your Eyes

By Myla Goldberg - Published 2019



Lillian Preston is a woman driven to capture her unique world vision through the lens of her camera. In 1953, the seventeen-year old abandons ...Read Review

The Memory House

By Rachel Hauck - Published 2019



While suspended from the New York City Police Department for assaulting a drug dealer and leaving the scene with the dealer’s abused ...Read Review

Flora’s War

By Audrey Reimann - Published 2017


In 1940s Scotland, Flora Macdonald meets sailor Andrew Stewart when she is on the run from a reform school, having been put there ...Read Review

The Parisians

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2019


In Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion, the Ritz Hotel is the center of life for the rich and famous and ...Read Review

The Witch’s Kind

By Louisa Morgan - Published 2019



In 1947, Barrie Anne Blythe loves living on her farm in the Pacific Northwest, tending to her garden. Her family has long held an ...Read Review

Gum Moon: A Novel of San Francisco Chinatown

By Jeffrey L Staley - Published 2018


Gum Moon, Cantonese for ‘Golden Gate,’ indicates the setting for most of this illuminating novel about the slavery of Chinese girls in San ...Read Review

The Bluebird Girls

By Rosie Archer - Published 2019


Hampshire 1939. World War II has started, and three young girls are about to have their worlds turned upside-down. Rainey and her mother are ...Read Review

Resistance Women: A Novel

By Jennifer Chiaverini - Published 2019


Beginning in 1929, Resistance Women follows the life of Mildred Fish Harnack, an American literary scholar married to the brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack, ...Read Review

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