20th Century

A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice

By Rebecca Connolly - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

On April 15, 1912, Arthur Rostron, the captain of the Carpathia, is awakened and notified of a distress call from the Titanic, which has struck ...Read Review

These Days

By Lucy Caldwell - Published 2022


1941: Belfast endures four nights of the Blitz, seen through the eyes of two sisters, doctor’s daughters from a comfortable home. Emma, a ...Read Review

The Lioness

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2022



1964. Hollywood movie star and American sweetheart Katie Barstow decides to take a small group of friends and family with her and her new ...Read Review

The Forgotten

By Mary Chamberlain - Published 2021


London in the Spring of 1958. Betty Fisher (born Bette Fischer) and John Harris, a school teacher, meet at a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ...Read Review

This Fierce Blood

By Malia Márquez - Published 2021



Three generations of women are profiled in three different time periods, and three different places in the United States. They all have one ...Read Review

A Light Beyond the Trenches

By Alan Hlad - Published 2022



In 1915 the first chemical weapons attack, loosed by the German Army at Ypres, injures German soldiers in a case of “friendly fire,” and ...Read Review

The Porcelain Doll

By Kristen Loesch - Published 2022



1991. Rosie is a young doctoral student at Oxford. Until the age of eleven, she was Raisa, and lived in Moscow with her Russian ...Read Review

Black Cake

By Charmaine Wilkerson - Published 2022


In 2018, after their mother Eleanor’s death, estranged siblings Byron and Benedetta “Benny” Bennett return to their California home for the memorial and ...Read Review

The Book Woman’s Daughter (Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, 2)

By Kim Michele Richardson - Published 2022


Richardson delivers another beautiful, heartbreaking, yet uplifting tale of the scrappy women of Appalachia. In 1953, sixteen-year-old Honey Lovett watches the sheriff haul her ...Read Review

The Vow: A Requiem for the Fifties

By Charles S. Kraszewski (trans.) - By Jirí Kratochvil - Published 2021



The Vow is a complex and multi-layered novel about architect Kamil Modráček, who confronts the harsh reality of Gottwald’s Stalinist regime ...Read Review

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