A Witch in Time

Written by Constance Sayers
Review by Lisa Redmond

The novel follows four women through history: Juliet in 1890s Paris, Nora in 1930s Hollywood, Sandra in 1970s California and finally Helen in contemporary Washington DC, all connected by a curse. When a man tells newly divorced Helen that she has lived before, she dismisses him as a weirdo, but as her memories of those other lives come back to her, she understands that she and all the women she has been before are doomed to love and lose in a repeating cycle that will end with her death at just 34. Her birthday is fast approaching, and as well as being consumed by the memories of her past lives, Helen must also find out how to break the curse and save herself.

With a growing awareness of her witchy inheritance, she must discover how Juliet’s mother cast the curse over a hundred years before and why. She is also determined to find out about the strange man called Luke Varner who claims he has been watching over her from the beginning.  Why is she strangely attracted to him? This is a fantastic debut full of romance, magic, and intrigue. The spirit of each historical period is beautifully evoked, and the characters are well drawn and ring with emotional truth. This debut will have instant appeal for fans of Louisa Morgan and Deborah Harkness.