Gilded Age

Inferno on Fifth

By Marlie Parker Wasserman - Published 2023



This fin-de-siècle mystery centers on the Windsor Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which burned to the ground on March 17, 1899. ...Read Review

The Kelsey Outrage: The Crime of the Century

By Alison Louise Hubbard - Published 2024



A historic plaque in Huntingdon, New York, commemorates a despicable crime, when a young Irish poet and Sunday school teacher, who had the ...Read Review

Daughters of Green Mountain Gap

By Teri M Brown - Published 2024


In January 1894, Maggie McCoury is isolating herself from her world, wishing to live like the utlinowa, a turtle that is too aggressive to ...Read Review

In Sunshine or in Shadow (Molly Murphy Mysteries, 20)

By Clare Broyles - Published 2024



New York, June 1908. In the latest addition to the Molly Murphy mystery series, heavily pregnant, “retired” detective Molly is sent by her husband ...Read Review

The Stranger I Wed (The Doves of New York)

By Harper St. George - Published 2024



New York, the Gilded Age. After the death of their biological grandmother, the three Dove sisters learn that they stand to inherit, despite ...Read Review

The Fever Hut

By Edward McSweegan - Published 2024


For fans of historical fiction interested in developments in medicine, The Fever Hut is an informative and engaging read. As the book opens, ...Read Review

A Short Walk Through A Wide World

By Douglas Westerbeke - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

In 1885 Belle Époque Paris, selfish, ungrateful nine-year-old Aubry Tourvel finds a wooden puzzle ball on a dead man’s doorstep. She picks it ...Read Review

A Message from Carnegie

By David Milofsky - Published 2023


Tim Cullen lives a slacker’s life in 1890s New York. He spends his days halfheartedly attending law school, and his nights drinking ...Read Review

More Than a Thief

By Beverly Patt - Published 2023


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

The story of Lizzie Borden and how she went to trial in 1892 for the murder of her parents is well-known. But if you ...Read Review

The Phoenix Crown

By Janie Chang - By Kate Quinn - Published 2024


On April 4, 1906, 32-year-old opera singer Gemma Garland arrives in San Francisco, hopeful that her new contract with the Metropolitan Opera traveling company will ...Read Review

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