Great Depression

Miss del Río

By Barbara Mujica - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Stories of two different but equally engaging women intertwine in Mujica’s superb historical novel portraying the life of film star Dolores del ...Read Review

That Summer in Berlin

By Lecia Cornwall - Published 2022


Lecia Cornwall’s That Summer in Berlin is a close-up view of the 1936 Berlin Olympics through the lens of two debutantes on a ...Read Review

A Truth to Lie For: An Elena Standish Novel

By Anne Perry - Published 2022



It is 1934, and Britain’s MI6 recognizes that something unfathomable is evolving in Germany as they witness the rise of Adolf Hitler. In ...Read Review

The Secrets of Sainte Madeleine

By Tilly Bagshawe - Published 2022



Covering almost five decades, from 1923 to 1971, this is the story of three generations of Salignacs and their passionate love for the château ...Read Review

When Stone Wings Fly: A Smoky Mountains Novel

By Karen Barnett - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

In the present day, Kieran Lucas’s grandmother, “Granny Mac,” is slipping away, her memories clouded by dementia. Granny Mac is also having ...Read Review

The Girl from Guernica

By Karen Robards - Published 2022



Sixteen-year-old Sibi Helinger watches in horror as White Nationalist airplanes drop low in the sky and release bombs. Soon, smaller Junker Ju52 planes ...Read Review

A Trace of Poison (A Phyllida Bright Mystery)

By Colleen Cambridge - Published 2022



A Trace of Poison is second in a historical mystery series featuring Phyllida Bright, fictional housekeeper at Mallowan Hall in Devon, England—estate ...Read Review

As Little As Nothing

By Pamela Mulloy - Published 2022


It’s 1938 in Hampshire, England, and residents are trapped in their dread of an impending war with Germany and their memories of the ...Read Review

Flying Scotsman and the Best Birthday Ever

By Michael Morpurgo - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Iris’s father drives the famous train, Flying Scotsman. Every year for her birthday, she gets to visit him at King’s Cross ...Read Review

Mercury Pictures Presents

By Anthony Marra - Published 2022


This is a vast story which stretches from the mid-1930s in Italy to America during WW2. It tells the story of Mercury ...Read Review

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