Great Depression

The Limits of Limelight

By Margaret Porter - Published 2021


Sixteen-year-old Helen Nichols is pretty and intelligent but has never seen herself as someone special. However, her cousin, rising star Ginger Rogers, sees ...Read Review

The Pavilion in the Clouds

By Alexander McCall Smith - Published 2021



1938: not quite nine-year-old Bella Ferguson lives on a remote tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with her parents Henry and Virginia and her ...Read Review

The Great Stork Derby

By Ann Epstein - Published 2021


After falling and lying prostrate in his home for several days, the elderly Emm Benbow is offered a place at an old age ...Read Review

If It Rains

By Jennifer L. Wright - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Two sisters narrate this novel in alternate chapters, set in the 1930s Dust Bowl. Kathryn, 14, is hampered by a club foot. Sister Melissa ...Read Review

The Orphan House

By Ann Bennett - Published 2021


In 1934, young Connie Burroughs watches her father from the shadows at Cedar Hall, an orphanage in the English countryside. He is the superintendent ...Read Review

Darjeeling Inheritance (The Colonials)

By Liz Harris - Published 2021



In 1930, Charlotte Lawrence is finally done with boarding school in England and returns home to India and her family’s tea plantation. Her ...Read Review

Last Days in Cleaver Square

By Patrick McGrath - Published 2021



This is a novel of the Spanish Civil War, or more accurately, the memories of the traumatic times that Francis McNulty ponders on. ...Read Review

A Darker Reality: An Elena Standish Novel

By Anne Perry - Published 2021



Third in the Elena Standish Series, A Darker Reality opens in the spring of 1934, as Elena, an M16 agent, has made the long ...Read Review

Snow Country

By Sebastian Faulks - Published 2021



This is a sequel to Faulks’s 2005 novel Human Traces. Given that there has been a 16-year hiatus between the two books, it ...Read Review

Sunday’s Orphan

By Catherine Gentile - Published 2021


The off-key whistling of an ominous “Dixie” refrain is the first thing that alerts Promise Crawford to the presence of Daffron Mears, a ...Read Review

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