Great Depression

Sinners of Starlight City

By Anika Scott - Published 2023


This riveting story plays out at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago (Starlight City), but its setting also encompasses Sicily during the years ...Read Review

Long Gone, Come Home

By Monica Chenault-Kilgore - Published 2023


Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in the 1930s is a quiet place, one that teenaged Birdie Jennings longs to escape. She dreams of big cities, ...Read Review

The View from Half Dome

By Jill Caugherty - Published 2023


This lovely tale of coming-of-age and intergenerational friendship takes place against the spectacular natural backdrop of Yosemite National Park during the Depression. Isabel ...Read Review

It Happened One Fight

By Maureen Lenker - Published 2023


Joan Davis and Dash Howard are 1930s America’s favorite on-screen couple, starring together in a string of romantic screwball comedies. But when ...Read Review

The Puzzle of Blackstone Lodge (Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mysteries, 3)

By Martin Edwards - Published 2023



Nell Fagan’s body is found crushed by a rock fall near Blackstone Fell. Is it an accident or a murder masquerading as ...Read Review

Love in a Time of Hate: Art and Passion in the Shadow of War, 1929-39

By Florian Illies - Published 2023



Love and hate are divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’. The year that everything changed—1933. Anaïs Nin lives in the apartment in Paris ...Read Review

Love, Honor, Betray (Lexington, Alabama, 3)

By Mary Monroe - Published 2023


Love, Honor, Betray is Mary Monroe’s third novel in her Lexington, Alabama series. This award-winning African-American author has penned a Depression-era story ...Read Review

Ladies of the Lake

By Cathy Gohlke - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

In 1903, orphaned Adelaide Rose MacNeill leaves Prince Edward Island at the command of her guardian and travels to Connecticut to begin a new ...Read Review

A Stranger in Baghdad

By Elizabeth Loudon - Published 2023


London, 2003. An Iraqi-English psychiatrist receives a visit from a mysterious man. He asks about her mother, Diane, whom he had known years ago ...Read Review

The First Ladies

By Marie Benedict - By Victoria Christopher Murray - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

The First Ladies is a riveting look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s political rise to First Lady and her eyebrow-raising friendship with civil rights ...Read Review

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