Jersey: Secrets of the Sea

By Paul Darroch - Published 2019


You don’t need to have a special relationship with Jersey to truly appreciate these remarkable cameos of Jersey folk from various epochs, ...Read Review


By John Harvey - Published 2019



As a postgraduate student more than three decades ago I had reason to be grateful to Dr. Harvey for his Victorian Novelists and ...Read Review

Straight Uphill: A Tale of Love and Chocolate

By Jess Wells - Published 2020


Gretchen’s nice life is derailed by the bus accident death of her kindergarten son and divorce from her husband. She flees Loon, ...Read Review

Surprise Lily

By Sharelle Byars Moranville - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Ten-year-old Rose loves living on the family farm with her grandmother Ama. What she doesn’t particularly love is having to give an ...Read Review

The Girl In The Painting

By Tea Cooper -


Australian historical fiction writer, Tea Cooper, has produced another historical fiction novel, hot on the heels of: The Naturalist’s Daughter and The ...Read Review

House on Endless Waters

By Emuna Elon - Published 2020



An Israeli author, whose mother escaped from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam with him and his sister, travels to the land of his birth to promote ...Read Review

A Thousand Tongues

By Ian Reid - Published 2019



The title comes from Shakespeare’s Richard III, “My conscience hath a thousand several tongues, and every tongue brings in a several tale …” ...Read Review

The Cotton Lass and Other Stories

By Anna Jacobs - Published 2019


Short Stories

Anna Jacobs’ collection of short stories, The Cotton Lass, focuses on how ordinary people take on the challenge of a new life. The ...Read Review

All the Ways We Said Goodbye: A Novel of the Ritz Paris

By Beatriz Williams - By Karen White - By Lauren Willig - Published 2020


Williams, Willig, and White return with their third jointly written historical fiction book, All the Ways We Said Goodbye. Described as a novel ...Read Review

The Tea Chest

By Heidi Chiavaroli - Published 2020



Liberty or Loyalty. This is the question faced by two women—Hayley Ashworth and Emma Malcolm—in Chiavaroli’s engaging multi-period romance. Emma ...Read Review

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