Set the Stars Alight

By Amanda Dykes - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

Set the Stars Alight is a beautiful, intricately woven story of friendship. In London in 2000, Lucy and Dash meet as children and grow ...Read Review

The German Client: A Bacci Pagano Investigation

By Bruno Morchio - Published 2020



Many of the features of this suspenseful, hard-boiled Italian noir, set in Genoa in 1944 and the present day, will be familiar to mystery ...Read Review

The Memory House: A Love Story in Two Acts

By Jenetta James - Published 2020


In this multi-period romantic mystery, young Victorian Society miss, Kitty Cathcart, is disenchanted with her lot. Beautiful, witty, and well-off, she appears to ...Read Review

The Green Lace Corset: A Novel

By Jill G. Hall - Published 2020



Told in parallel narratives, this is the story of two women, one an artist in modern-day San Francisco and the other a hostage ...Read Review

The Lines Between Us: A Novel

By Rebecca D'Harlingue - Published 2020


The Lines Between Us is a multi-period debut, beginning in Madrid in 1660 and partly told in epistolary form through diaries and letters. The ...Read Review

The Rising Place

By David Armstrong - Published 2020


Young lawyer David moves from New York to his wife’s hometown of Hamilton, Mississippi. His first assignment is to prepare the will ...Read Review

The Tainted

By Cauvery Madhavan - Published 2020


Madhavan describes an era long gone which continues to make an impact. An Indian-born writer who has lived in Ireland for over thirty ...Read Review

The Electric Hotel

By Dominic Smith - Published 2020



The Electric Hotel is a story within a story, with the main narrative set within a poignant outer frame. It is 1963, and a ...Read Review

The Skylark’s Secret

By Fiona Valpy - Published 2020


In the late 1970s, Lexie Gordon returns home with her daughter, Daisy, to Aultbea, a small fishing village on Loch Ewe in the ...Read Review

Payback: A Novel

By Mary Gordon - Published 2020



Author/memoirist Gordon’s award-winning fiction often focuses on generational tensions and damage, and particularly the fraught relationships between mothers and daughters. She ...Read Review

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