By Alex Landragin - Published 2019



Spanning one hundred and fifty years (from the Pacific in the 18th century to Paris in World War Two), seven lifetimes, and read ...Read Review

Water Lily Dance

By Michelle Muriel - Published 2019


Missouri, 2014: “I have to find what’s missing so I can move beyond those memories, find what they stole from me, what I ...Read Review

Whose Waves These Are

By Amanda Dykes - Published 2019



Set in an iconic coastal Maine town, with a dual narrative of the 1940s and 2001, this story centers upon twin brothers: Roy, who ...Read Review

Seventh Flag

By Sid Balman Jr. - Published 2019


Four generations of two families from a small Texas town interact across time, beginning in 1948 and continuing to the 2000s, as well as ...Read Review

Animalia: A Novel

By Jean-Baptiste Del Amo - Published 2019



It takes all of a few paragraphs into Animalia to begin to suspect that the book might be a masterpiece. By the end ...Read Review

The Vogue

By Eoin McNamee - Published 2019


In 2000 the skeletal remains of a young woman are found in a sandpit on an abandoned aerodrome in coastal County Down. The enigmatic ...Read Review

Memories of Glass

By Melanie Dobson - Published 2019



1942, Amsterdam. Josie is a young student working with her brother to move money in support of the Dutch underground. Their childhood friend Eliese ...Read Review

Light in the Shadows

By Andy Stone - By Linda Lafferty - Published 2019


When an Italian priest finds a painting that he believes to be a lost painting by the infamous 16th/17th century painter, Michelangelo ...Read Review

Love Without End: A Story of Heloise and Abelard

By Melvyn Bragg - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 12th-century Paris, a learned young woman named Heloise is tutored by the famed philosopher Abelard. The teacher and student soon become lovers, ...Read Review

The Artifacts: A Flint Hills Story

By Eric T Reynolds - Published 2019



Kayla Ramsey buys property in the Flint Hills town of Sycamore Falls, Kansas: an 1890 Victorian house and an 1870 farmhouse behind it. In the ...Read Review

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