Coming Up for Air

By Sarah Leipciger - Published 2020



Three timelines. Three stories. Three lives. Coming Up for Air is an exquisite story of medical advancement. By successfully balancing these three stories, ...Read Review

Bangkok Wakes to Rain

By Pitchaya Sudbanthad - Published 2019



In 23 loosely connected short stories, this time-fluid novel weaves in and out of people’s lives, around and through time from the 19th ...Read Review

Truths I Never Told You

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2020


Beth Walsh never expected to feel so overwhelmed after the birth of her long-awaited son. With her beloved father’s health in rapid ...Read Review

The Emir’s Trace: An Apulian Novel

By Ursula Janssen - Published 2019


After her uncle’s death, German historian Lia Winter decides to travel to Italy to spend some time with relatives there. Lia stays ...Read Review

The Words I Never Wrote

By Jane Thynne - Published 2020


In her latest venture into historical fiction, author Jane Thynne turns her attention to two socialite sisters on opposite sides in World War ...Read Review

The First Emma

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2020


By all accounts, Emma Koehler was an extraordinary woman. A prominent figure in the history of San Antonio, Texas, she was a German ...Read Review

If I Were You

By Lynn Austin - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

If I Were You is a story of friendship, betrayal, class, and the desperate measures people take to survive in wartime. The story ...Read Review

The Age of Witches

By Louisa Morgan - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1692 Massachusetts, Bridget Byshop is hanged as a witch and leaves two daughters who pass very different magical traditions to their descendants in ...Read Review

Echoes among the Stones

By Jaime Jo Wright - Published 2019



In 1946 Wisconsin, Imogene (Genie) Grayson discovers her sister, Hazel, brutally murdered. Genie becomes obsessed with finding the murderer. Both of Genie’s suitors, ...Read Review

Keep Saying Their Names

By Matt Bagguley (trans.) - By Simon Stranger - Published 2020



H for Hirsch, H for hope, H for Henry Oliver Rinnan. Simon Stranger’s award-winning historical novel weaves an achingly poignant tale of ...Read Review

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