The Light of Luna Park

By Addison Armstrong - Published 2021


Armstrong’s dual-timeline debut packs a powerful emotional punch as it explores which lives are valued by society and how much a mother ...Read Review

Among the Beautiful Beasts

By Lori McMullen - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Like many Floridians, I have long been a fan of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I was fortunate enough to review a collection of her ...Read Review

The Time Gatherer (The Timegathering Series)

By Rachel Dacus - Published 2020



After spontaneously appearing at a rock concert in 1970, George learns that he has a rare gene that allows him to time travel, known ...Read Review

Beyond This Broken Sky

By Siobhan Curham - Published 2021


This is a dual-timeline novel set in London in 1940 and 2019. In 1940, rich and carefree Ruby has surprisingly volunteered for the ambulance service during ...Read Review

The Painting

By Alison Booth - Published 2021


The painting at the centre of this novel is a family heirloom which Anika brought to Australia when she fled from   Hungary before ...Read Review

The Storyteller of Casablanca

By Fiona Valpy - Published 2021


In 1941, thirteen-year-old Josie, her sister, and parents, fearing Nazi atrocities on Jewish families, flee Paris for the relative safety of Vichy France in ...Read Review

The Secrets of the Lake

By Liz Trenow - Published 2021


In 2019, 84-year-old Molly Goddard is forced to turn her memories back to the time when she, her father, and brother Jimmy first arrived ...Read Review

Emma’s Tapestry

By Isobel Blackthorn - Published 2021


Emma is nursing Adele, a wealthy elderly woman, in her English summer home just as World War II is breaking. Adele is interested ...Read Review

From Ashes To Song

By Hilary Hauck - Published 2021



Twenty-two-year-old Pietro’s life gets upended by a disease that destroys all the vineyards in northern Italy. Then his beloved music-teacher grandfather suddenly ...Read Review

The Riviera House

By Natasha Lester - Published 2021


This complex multi-generational novel, which has as its base the systematic theft of art works by the German occupiers from conquered Paris, doesn’...Read Review

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