Viviane Crystal

Death at the Wychbourne Follies

By Amy Myers - Published 2018



Welcome to the lovely mansion of the Ansley family, Wychbourne, where Lady Ansley is about to host a reunion of all her friends ...Read Review

The Night Tiger

By Yangsze Choo - Published 2019



In the 1930s, Malaya is a British colony. British culture and technology are everywhere, but local customs, legends, and superstitions often prevail. This ...Read Review

Southern Rain

By Harry Miller - Published 2019



“Then we take both of them/And break them into pieces/And mix the pieces with water/And mold again a figure of ...Read Review

Swords of the King (Battle Scars Book 3)

By Charlene Newcomb - Published 2018



In 1196 in England, King Richard I, the Lionheart, has his eyes focused in several directions. The first is to watch his brother John ...Read Review

A Greater God (Superintendent Le Fanu Mysteries)

By Brian Stoddart - Published 2018



Superintendent Le Fanu is returning to 1920s Madras in India from Chinese Penang to his newest love interest, Jenlin Koh. For now, racial ...Read Review

Bury What We Cannot Take

By Kirstin Chen - Published 2018



1957: Drum Wave Islet in Xiamen, central China is a place where Communism has been fully incorporated into every facet of politics, the economy, ...Read Review

On Blood Road (a Vietnam War Novel)

By Steve Watkins - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Taylor Sorenson thinks he’s a cool teenager, albeit with a huge sense of animosity toward his father, who is stationed in the ...Read Review

Shakespeare and the Resistance: The Earl of Southampton, the Essex Rebellion, and the Poems that Challenged Tudor Tyranny

By Clare Asquith - Published 2018



The title says it all! Between 1534 and 1594, Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy changed the face and internal fabric of England. The rejection ...Read Review

The Kinship of Secrets

By Eugenia Kim - Published 2018


What would make a Korean couple, needing to travel to America for safer and better opportunities, leave behind their natural daughter and take ...Read Review

The Fall of a Sparrow

By Dan Scannell - Published 2018


Numerous theories exist regarding the authorship of William Shakespeare’s plays and poems. Contemporary historian Michael Devon finds a journal written by Henry ...Read Review