Eliza Graham

You Let Me Go

By Eliza Graham - Published 2021


The title of this combination of historical fiction and modern mystery reflects the confusion of Morie, the protagonist, who is angry because her ...Read Review

The Truth in Our Lies

By Eliza Graham - Published 2019



How does one live a moral life when carrying horrendous physical and mental scars from the unforgettable experiences of wartime events? Anna Hall ...Read Review

The Lines We Leave Behind

By Eliza Graham - Published 2018


The Lines We Leave Behind tells a rare story, that of a female operative in Yugoslavia during World War II. She tells her ...Read Review

The One I Was

By Eliza Graham - Published 2015


Rosamond Hunter returns to Fairfleet, her childhood home, as a nurse hired to care for Benny Gault, the old man who, as a ...Read Review

The History Room

By Eliza Graham - Published 2012



Almost the only history in this novel is in the title. It is a modern mystery with the origins going back to the ...Read Review


By Eliza Graham - Published 2008



In January 2006 Alix is tracked down by her birth son, Michael. He asks the question she has long dreaded: ‘who is my father?’ ...Read Review

Playing With The Moon

By Eliza Graham - Published 2007


Their small son having been killed in a road accident, Tom and Minna Byrne rent a house in an isolated village on the ...Read Review