The Flying Dutchman

By Anatoly Kudryavitsky - By Carol Ermakova (trans.) - Published 2018



Konstantin Alpheyev, a musicologist, finds himself in trouble with the KGB after the death of his girlfriend, in which it appears one of ...Read Review

Tell Me No Truths

By Gill Vickery - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

This is a complex and ambitious book for young adults, utilising multiple narrative strands and a wide cast of characters. Nico, a rebel ...Read Review

Ambulance Girls Under Fire

By Deborah Burrows - Published 2018



January 1942, freezing blacked-out mid-Blitz London where under leaden skies and German bombs, amongst the debris and the ruins, conflict reigns between Britain and “...Read Review

Rogue Malory

By Helen - By Maskew - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The writing of Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur as if told by Monty Python. From his cell in Newgate Prison ...Read Review

Book of the Just (The Bohemian Trilogy)

By Dana Chamblee Carpenter - Published 2018


Historical FantasyThriller

In this conclusion to her absorbing gothic fantasy, The Bohemian Trilogy, Carpenter has sent her uncanny heroine, Mouse, fleeing across the globe with ...Read Review

Kings of East York

By R. Brian Mackey - Published 2018


Robert MacDougall grows up in mid-20th-century East York, a lower middle-class neighborhood in Canada. His story is about “those seminal events and ...Read Review

Swallow’s Dance

By Wendy Orr - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Prolific children’s author Wendy Orr beckons us back 4,000 years to Minoan Greece, when mortals believed in many gods, and omens, prayer and ...Read Review

A Different Kind of Fire

By Suanne Schafer - Published 2018


Schafer’s debut takes an original look into past dimensions of women’s lives that for years many have wished to deny. In ...Read Review

Queen of Zazzau

By J S Emuakpor - Published 2018


Historical Fantasy

In a small Hausaland kingdom in 16th-century West Africa, a bloody prophecy has made the wise queen of Zazzau shield her eldest daughter, ...Read Review

Eleanor’s Daughter: A Novel of Marie de Champagne

By June Hall McCash - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

McCash brings her scholarship to life with this vivid reimagining of the life of Marie, Countess of Champagne, a patroness of the arts ...Read Review

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