House of Glass

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2018


Clara Waterfield grew up in the early years of the 20th century with the rare medical condition of having extraordinarily delicate bones, liable ...Read Review

Gum Moon: A Novel of San Francisco Chinatown

By Jeffrey L Staley - Published 2018


Gum Moon, Cantonese for ‘Golden Gate,’ indicates the setting for most of this illuminating novel about the slavery of Chinese girls in San ...Read Review

Land of the Living

By Georgina Harding - Published 2018



Charlie Ashe, a survivor of World War II battles against the Japanese in the uplands of northern India, is trying to adapt to ...Read Review

Soul of the Border: A Novel

By Matteo Righetto - Published 2018Published 2019



Soul of the Border is set in the late 19th century in the remote village of Nevada, Italy, near the Austrian border. Augusto ...Read Review

The Awakening of La Muse

By S. R. Strickland - Published 2018


Six-year-old Muse, a house slave on a plantation owned by the Hallisburgs in Virginia, innocently observes life around her, not questioning her world. ...Read Review

Agricola’s Bane (Celtic Fervour Series Book 4)

By Nancy Jardine - Published 2018



Britain in the first century AD was a complicated place. The Roman Empire was determined to push its boundaries further north, and the ...Read Review

The Year the Swans Came

By Barbara Spencer - Published 2018



In a town still recovering from the aftermath of invaders, Magrit aka “Maidy” is turning 16, an age heralding womanhood. However, birthdays haven’t ...Read Review

Jack Dawkins

Published 2018



In Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Jack Dawkins, a wily young pickpocket known as the Artful Dodger, ends up “doing full justice to his bringing-up, ...Read Review

Hear the Echo

By Rob Gittins - Published 2018



Set in a mining town in the Welsh Valleys, this dual-narrative novel centres around an Italian café, “Carini’s”. One strand is the ...Read Review

What Empty Things Are These

By J.L. Crozier - Published 2018


In this Victorian novel, there are few good men, and they barely speak. Adelaide Hadley lives an upper middle-class existence: decent food, good ...Read Review

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