Viviane Crystal

The Vinyl Underground

By Rob Rufus - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1968 Ronald Bingham is mourning the death of his brother Bruce in Vietnam. It’s a pain that hangs with him all the ...Read Review

The Lost Chapter

By Tod Scott Connor - Published 2019


Nero rules Rome in the first century AD and is destroying its best citizens with his ever-growing perversity, cruelty, and terrifying reprisals. Marius, ...Read Review

Kings of East York

By R. Brian Mackey - Published 2018


Robert MacDougall grows up in mid-20th-century East York, a lower middle-class neighborhood in Canada. His story is about “those seminal events and ...Read Review

The Black Hills (A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery)

By M.J. Trow - Published 2020



George Armstrong Custer was famous for his service during the War Between the States, that is, the Civil War. But he is definitely ...Read Review

The Poppy Wife / The Photographer of the Lost

By Caroline Scott - Published 2019


“Missing in Action” is a term many have heard. This is the story of a family who is living with that reality. To ...Read Review

The Language of Equals

By David Ackley - Published 2019


Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician, travels from India to Cambridge, England, just before the outbreak of WWI. He is a devout Hindu Vaishnavite and ...Read Review

The War in Our Hearts

By Eva Seyler - Published 2019


Augustus Jamie Graham’s life story is depicted here, with his phenomenal joys and sorrows. Broken by his father’s physical and verbal ...Read Review

Paris in the Dark

By Robert Olen Butler - Published 2019



Christopher Marlowe “Kit” Cobb, a Chicago journalist and a United States agent, is in Paris in 1915, trying to figure out who is setting ...Read Review

Marcello’s Promise

By Jane Coletti Perry - Published 2019



1915: Marcello Corsi and his wife, Luisa, dream of moving to America. Even though it breaks his parents’ hearts, he must do this as ...Read Review

Hocus Girl (A Simon Westow mystery)

By Chris Nickson - Published 2020



In Leeds in 1822, Simon Westow is a “thief-taker,” someone who restores stolen goods to their original owners. Now his dear friend, Davey Ashton, ...Read Review

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