Viviane Crystal

The Last Watchman of Old Cairo

By Michael David Lukas - Published 2018


Joseph, a graduate student in America, receives a mysterious package involving his father. The note reads, “Hope you can use this.” Joseph’s ...Read Review

The Transmigrant

By Kristi Saare Duarte - Published 2017



Uneducated but passionate with love for God, the young Jesus yearns to be a teacher, a Rabbi, to touch others with the oneness ...Read Review

Threads of Silk

By Amanda Roberts - Published 2017


Yaqian’s life in the province of Hunan changes dramatically after her family forces her to bind her feet in the ancient Chinese ...Read Review

A Cherry Blossom in Winter

By Ron Singerton - Published 2017


Russia in the early 1900s is a nation beginning to unravel because of corruption and rebellion. Those in Tsar Nicholas II’s regime ...Read Review

The Other Side of Freedom

By Cynthia T. Toney - Published 2017Published 2017-10-08


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Prohibition, or the law against selling liquor, is not a popular subject in 1925 Louisiana. The author mentions the presence of Al Capone, a ...Read Review

An Incidental Death in Monterey

By John O’Hagan - Published 2017



The natives of Monterey, California, in the late 18th century suffer tremendously under Spanish domination. The Governor of Monterey has made a secret ...Read Review

Secrets of Cavendon

By Barbara Taylor Bradford - Published 2017


The Ingham and Swann families have intermarried and are highly cooperative in the family business ventures in the late 1940s. Each member has ...Read Review

Victoria and Albert: A Royal Love Affair

By Daisy Goodwin - By Sara Sheridan - Published 2017



Having read Daisy Goodwin’s novel about Victoria and having watched the PBS series, of which this is a companion volume, I was ...Read Review

Dolls of War

By Shirley Parenteau - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Marcy James lives in a small Oregon town with her father and mother in 1941. Her father runs a museum of foreign gifts and ...Read Review

The Mezzogiorno Social Club

By Ercole Gaudioso - Published 2017



Little Italy was home to Italian immigrants and their American progeny in mid-20th century Manhattan. It was safe as long as one ...Read Review