Kill Hitler

Written by Tom Glaser
Review by Christoph Fischer

Kill Hitler by Tom Glaser is an ambitious historical novel about a fictitious plot to assassinate Hitler at an opera performance at the famous Bayreuth Opera.

Told by one of the heroes, a German Jew living in the UK, we follow his first amorous adventures, his contact with the RAF and his eventual involvement in WW2. Stuck in France, he and a group of companions decide to kill Hitler.

Glaser has inserted a lot of meticulously researched detail about the war: locations, timeline, aircraft types and immaculate use of French and German within the dialogue. The characters are youthful and naive but brave and determined, which lends the plot not as much credibility as I would have liked to see. The adventure can feel inspiring, the banter is enjoyable and the plot is entertaining. There are moments of good suspense and thoughtful reflections.

As a reader of historical novels, the ‘what-if’ scenario of a murder plot and its impact on the war falls more in the ‘alternate history’ section and disappointed this eager history reader in that regard, too. Technical credits are all exemplary bar one font size change, and so a further proofread is required. The idea of the plot has been done before but for eager fans of WW2 the novel should be a pleasant and enjoyable read.