Alternate History

Scandalous Alchemy (Hester and Crow)

By Katy Moran - Published 2021


Alternate History

Scandalous Alchemy is the third of Katy Moran’s alternate history series based around the Cornish Lamorna family and set in the early 19...Read Review


By C.J. Carey - Published 2021


Alternate History

England, April 1953. But this is a quite different country – one that succumbed to Germany in 1940 and has since been under occupation. Rose Ransom, ...Read Review


By Brittany Cavallaro - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryChildren/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Claire Emerson’s inventor father believes her touch is magic, that her skin-to-skin touch grants a person their deepest wish. Claire is ...Read Review


By Eli Brown - By Karin Rytter (illus.) - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryChildren/Young Adult

Brown’s fans have to wait a long time between novels, but each one is worth it. Readers who adored his award-winning “culinary ...Read Review


By Laurent Binet - Published 2021


Alternate History

The book opens in AD 1000. Freydis Eriksdottir, Erik the Red’s daughter, leads a band of Viking warriors who travel as far as ...Read Review

The Kingdoms

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2021


AdventureAlternate HistoryNautical

In this alternate-history adventure, Joe Tournier comes to in a Londres métro station in 1898, so named because Napoleon won the Battle of ...Read Review

Mr. Beethoven

By PAUL. GRIFFITHS - Published 2020


Alternate History

“What?” I asked myself. “Who? When? Where? Boston. USA? Beethoven? A new oratorio?” Relax! Try running those familiar facts on new lines. And ...Read Review

Half Life

By Jillian Cantor - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryBiographical Fiction

At age 24, Marya Sklodowska leaves Poland to follow her older sister and study at the Sorbonne. She, now Marie, meets and marries fellow ...Read Review

The Eagle and the Viper

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryThriller

Napoleon Bonaparte is First Consul of France, but there is a plot afoot to kill him. Written by the brilliant, award-winning Loren D. ...Read Review

The Sterling Directive

By Tim Standish - Published 2020


Alternate HistoryMystery/Crime

Set in an alternate Victorian England of 1896, this debut novel tells of Captain Charles Maddox, who has been exiled to Canada for ten ...Read Review

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