A Daughter’s Gift

By Maggie Hope - Published 2012Published 2018



Set in the northeast of England at the start of 1910, this dramatic saga reveals the struggles of strong and desperate ten-year-old Elizabeth to ...Read Review

Shanghai Scarlet

By Margaret Blair - Published 2012


The world of 1930s Shanghai is vividly brought to life in Margaret Blair’s Shanghai Scarlet, which centers on a young man named ...Read Review

Edith from Wessex: Wife of Otto the Great, A Medieval Queen

By Regine Sondermann - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

This fascinating, well-written, enjoyable and manageable read sheds light on a lesser-known figure from both 10th-century English and German history. The book follows ...Read Review

Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Young Life (The Eleanor Code Book 1)

By Mark Richard Beaulieu - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

“It is the beginning of her story, and the Aquitaine, indeed the world, will never be the same.” The lush, prosperous land of ...Read Review

The Betrayal Path

By Brian Van Norman - Published 2012



“Allan Nashe, an English spy, is sent to Quebec to discover the state of French defenses during the Seven Years’ War. But within ...Read Review


By Daniel A Smith - Published 2012


“Remember this,” he said, “once told, a story is never lost.” 1541 and the Spanish are sweeping across eastern Arkansas, claiming land and spreading ...Read Review

The Maya Papyrus

By Richard Coady - Published 2012


Thuya is the wife from Hell. She has ambitions far beyond her station and even her husband dare not go against her despite ...Read Review


By S. L. Dwyer - Published 2012


“…a decision made in desperation ends up affecting more than the two children it was meant to save. Sometimes, desperation makes choices for ...Read Review

Murder at the Leopard (Vespers Trilogy, Book One)

By Lucia Olivia Lampe - By RM Vassari - Published 2012



“Despite the spiritual atmosphere of Holy Week festivities in 1281 Palermo, an angry tension simmering among the native populace rides uneasily just below the ...Read Review

Martin of Gfenn

By Martha Kennedy - Published 2012


In Martha Kennedy’s quiet, intensely moving novel Martin of Gfenn, the title character is given at a young age by his father ...Read Review

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