Daughters of the Resistance

By Judy Batalion - Published 2020



This is an impressive work of research that follows the narrative of women fighters in the Jewish resistance. The author presents her findings ...Read Review

The Secret Life of Dorothy Soames: A Foundling’s Story

By Justine Cowan - Published 2021



Before it became acceptable to have a child outside of marriage, the legitimacy of their son or daughter brought shame both to the ...Read Review

She-Merchants, Buccaneers and Gentlewomen: British Women in India 1600-1900

By Katie Hickman - Published 2019



Were the memsahibs (British women living in India) responsible for the deteriorating relationships between British and Indians in the Subcontinent over the 19th ...Read Review

House of Glass

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2018


Clara Waterfield grew up in the early years of the 20th century with the rare medical condition of having extraordinarily delicate bones, liable ...Read Review

In the Full Light of the Sun

By Clare Clark - Published 2019



Berlin 1923, Julius Köhler-Schultz in his late fifties, is a successful art critic and writer. His rather rushed marriage to the philandering and ...Read Review

A Boy in Winter

By Rachel Seiffert - Published 2017



A small, unnamed town in Ukraine on the periphery of extensive marshlands in the autumn of 1941 is under German occupation. One foggy morning, ...Read Review

In the Name of the Family

By Sarah Dunant - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Sarah Dunant is obsessed with the Borgias. But it’s a good obsession. The Borgias are the family we love to hate. They’...Read Review

London Lies Beneath

By Stella Duffy - Published 2016


The year is 1912, and three young friends join the 2nd Walworth Scouts in search of adventures beyond the East End of London: Tom, ...Read Review

Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1889, the painter Vincent Van Gogh is expelled from the Provençal town of Arles after being caught walking through the town with ...Read Review

An Unrestored Woman and Other Stories

By Shobha Rao - Published 2016


LiteraryShort Stories

This was the first time I have encountered stories relating to the period of the Partition between India and Pakistan in 1947, and what ...Read Review

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