The Purple Shroud: A Novel of Empress Theodora

By Stella Duffy - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Ah, Justinian and Theodora! Two giants of history who stood astride an empire mostly Greek that still thought of itself as “Rome.” Duffy ...Read Review

Park Lane

By Frances Osborne - Published 2012


This novel has its origins in Frances Osborne’s own family background, and an inevitable comparison to the TV series Downton Abbey will ...Read Review

The Red Chamber

By Pauline A. Chen - Published 2012



Pauline Chen brings new life to the Chinese classic work of literature, Dream of the Red Chamber or The Story of the Stone, ...Read Review

The Lifeboat

By Charlotte Rogan - Published 2012


We all know the story of the Titanic’s sinking, right down to how the 20 lifeboats bearing 700+ survivors were picked up by the ...Read Review

Girl Reading

By Katie Ward - Published 2012



Ward’s debut novel is a brave, original effort. The concept is irresistible: Seven girls/women read while living out a portion of ...Read Review

The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton

By Elizabeth Speller - Published 2012



Set in post-World War I England, The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton is an unconventional but compelling mystery. As with her first book, ...Read Review

The Paris Wife

By Paula McLain - Published 2011


Biographical FictionLiterary

Post-World War I, life is grand, and a new breed of writers is just beginning to connect to the muse of creativity that ...Read Review

Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore

By Stella Duffy - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

What a great subject! There can be few figures as controversial as Theodora, saint to some, sinner to others, whore to most. Stella ...Read Review

The Return of Captain John Emmett

By Elizabeth Speller - Published 2010



London 1921. Laurence Bartram, widower and decorated army officer, is attempting to find a role for himself in post-War society by writing a study ...Read Review

All the Nice Girls

By Joan Bakewell - Published 2009



  It’s a pity this book has come up for review for the autumn magazine as it is a perfect beach read. ...Read Review