Ladies’ Rest and Writing Room

By Kim Kelly - Published 2023


The Ladies’ Rest and Writing Room is located in Farmer’s department store in Sydney, Australia. After spending the day spending their money, ...Read Review

Never Closer

By Margot Shepherd - Published 2023


Oxford, 1940: teenaged Alice’s first job is in a laboratory where mould is deliberately grown in a motley collection of bedpans, pie-dishes, and ...Read Review

Inferno on Fifth

By Marlie Parker Wasserman - Published 2023



This fin-de-siècle mystery centers on the Windsor Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which burned to the ground on March 17, 1899. ...Read Review

Our Little Histories

By Janice Weizman - Published 2023



Every human being has their own little history. The seven little histories in this book come from imagined characters in an extended Jewish ...Read Review

The Slaughter Stone

By Anna Boyland - Published 2023


Wales, 1389. When William learns of riches buried on an old farmstead once managed by his late father, he seeks tenancy for it. Unfortunately ...Read Review

His Head on a Platter: Artemisia Gentileschi’s Revenge against Men

By Alan Gold - Published 2023


Seventeen-year-old Artemisia Gentileschi is raped – it’s no secret – and this very young, talented woman’s life is thrown into chaos. Her rapist, ...Read Review

Here Is Not Our Home

By Francis Mallett - Published 2023


From roughly 1880 to 1938, Vienna, Austria, became the home away from home for many composers, painters, writers and thinkers. Some profoundly influenced future generations. ...Read Review

Boryslav in Flames

By Ivan Franko - By Yuri Tkacz (trans.) - Published 2023


Biographical FictionLiterary

Ivan Franko (1856-1916) was an author, poet, journalist, literary critic and political activist in his native Galicia, a man of many parts and ...Read Review

Rising Tide (Daniel Nichols Spy Thrillers)

By Alan Bardos - Published 2023



Daniel Nichols was a pre-WW2 internationalist who becomes very patriotic; a pacifist who takes up arms; and a morally scrupulous son of the ...Read Review

Murder at Maybridge Castle (A Christmas Mystery, 3)

By Ada Moncrieff - Published 2023



December 1936, and a select number of guests are invited to spend a long weekend just before Christmas at Maybridge Castle in the far ...Read Review

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