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Song of the Nightingale

By Marilyn - By Pemberton - Published 2019


Marilyn Pemberton’s unconvincing novel takes on the fascinating and complex subject of the practice of the castration of young boys in order ...Read Review

The Lark Ascending

By Sally - By Zigmond - Published 2019


Alice Fields, assistant in a dreary Leeds draper’s shop, grieves for the loss of her brother, killed in World War I. A ...Read Review

Charity’s Choice

By Alexine Crawford - Published 2019



The English Civil War has yet to be won or lost, and while King Charles I is secure on the Isle of Wight ...Read Review

Beyond the Samovar

By Janet Hancock - Published 2019


In 1919, Peter and Olivia (Livvy) are a loving young British couple with a baby who met while working in Russia. They now live ...Read Review

Jack Dawkins

Published 2018



In Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Jack Dawkins, a wily young pickpocket known as the Artful Dodger, ends up “doing full justice to his bringing-up, ...Read Review

The Popish Midwife: A Tale of High Treason, Prejudice and Betrayal

By Annelisa Christensen - Published 2016


The Popish Midwife is a fact-based historical novel about the life of Elizabeth Cellier, focusing on the years of the Popish Plot when ...Read Review