Renee Rosen

Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl

By Renee Rosen - Published 2023


New York City and its fashionable department store Saks Fifth Avenue is the setting for Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl. A chance encounter at ...Read Review

The Social Graces

By Renee Rosen - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Do we really need another novel about society during the Gilded Age? In the case of The Social Graces, the answer is an ...Read Review

Park Avenue Summer

By Renee Rosen - Published 2019


Park Avenue Summer is a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of the iconic Cosmopolitan magazine and its equally iconic editor, Helen Gurley ...Read Review

Windy City Blues

By Renee Rosen - Published 2017


Leeba Groski, the daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants, becomes a filer and receptionist for a new record company in Chicago, Illinois, in the ...Read Review

White Collar Girl

By Renee Rosen - Published 2015


Jordan Walsh has been hired on as a journalist for the Chicago Tribune, and she’s eager to make her mark and tackle ...Read Review

What the Lady Wants

By Renee Rosen - Published 2014


Delia Spencer Caton is a woman with a unique lifestyle from the late 1880s on: Married to one man, she carries on a ...Read Review


By Renee Rosen - Published 2013



Dollface is set amid the gangsters of Chicago in the Roaring ´20s, when Prohibition was raging and a good time was the sure ...Read Review