Renee Rosen

Park Avenue Summer

By Renee Rosen - Published 2019


Park Avenue Summer is a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of the iconic Cosmopolitan magazine and its equally iconic editor, Helen Gurley ...Read Review

Windy City Blues

By Renee Rosen - Published 2017


Leeba Groski, the daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants, becomes a filer and receptionist for a new record company in Chicago, Illinois, in the ...Read Review

White Collar Girl

By Renee Rosen - Published 2015


Jordan Walsh has been hired on as a journalist for the Chicago Tribune, and she’s eager to make her mark and tackle ...Read Review

What the Lady Wants

By Renee Rosen - Published 2014


Delia Spencer Caton is a woman with a unique lifestyle from the late 1880s on: Married to one man, she carries on a ...Read Review


By Renee Rosen - Published 2013



Dollface is set amid the gangsters of Chicago in the Roaring ´20s, when Prohibition was raging and a good time was the sure ...Read Review