Nancy Campbell Allen

The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart (Proper Romance Victorian Series)

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

Detective Michael Baker is determined to prove that Harold Radcliffe murdered his own wife. Despite Scotland Yard’s reluctance to support the investigation, ...Read Review

Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2020


Historical FantasyRomance

Emmeline (Emme), an advocate for the rights of the Shifter community, is the newly elected spokeswoman for an upcoming summit meeting in Scotland. ...Read Review

The Lady in the Coppergate Tower (Proper Romance Steampunk)

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2019


Historical FantasyRomance

Twins, separated at birth are at the heart of this gothic steampunk romance; one is kept in Romania, the other (Hazel) is brought ...Read Review

Kiss of the Spindle

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2018



The titular Sleeping Beauty in this fairy tale retelling set in the steampunk version of Victorian England is Dr. Isla Cooper. She is ...Read Review

The Secret of the India Orchid

By Nancy Campbell Allen - Published 2017



In this Regency romance, broken-hearted Sophia Elliot would like to get as far away from Anthony Blake, the Earl of Wilshire, as possible ...Read Review