The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart (Proper Romance Victorian Series)

Written by Nancy Campbell Allen
Review by Alice Cochran

Detective Michael Baker is determined to prove that Harold Radcliffe murdered his own wife. Despite Scotland Yard’s reluctance to support the investigation, Michael continues the search for clues and, while trailing Radcliffe, makes acquaintance with Miss Amelie Hampton. Amelie is a reporter for the marriage gazette and happens to have a crush on the suspect in question. As more murders occur and Radcliffe’s true character is revealed, will the couple come closer or be divided by their conflicting interest?

The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart is set in Victorian London and is advertised as a proper romance. It delivers just that: a lovely intermingling of two driven, yet proper individuals. The murders they are trying to solve serve as forces to bring them closer and help them to realize the nature of one another. The greatest obstacle to enjoying this book is that several sections of conversation and events seem rather forced. However, this is balanced by an interesting plot and detailed characters. For readers searching for a novel boasting an interesting murder plot paired with an inevitable romance—here’s your match.