Chanel Cleeton

Our Last Days in Barcelona

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2022


Palm Beach, 1964. Isabel Perez is stuck in a marriage to a man she doesn’t love, but her pragmatic nature appreciates the safety ...Read Review

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba (Cuba Saga)

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2021


This is a well-written historical novel with strong female characters linked by Cuba’s fight for freedom in the late 19th century. It ...Read Review

The Last Train to Key West

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2020


During the Great Depression the U.S. workforce was flooded with idled veterans, but jobs vanished along with World War I. Unemployment was ...Read Review

When We Left Cuba

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2019


Last year, Chanel Cleeton’s Next Year in Havana was one of Reese Witherspoon’s book club selections, and it introduced readers to ...Read Review

Next Year in Havana

By Chanel Cleeton - Published 2018


Marisol Ferrera is living in modern-day Miami when she agrees to honor her grandmother Elisa’s last request by traveling to Havana, Cuba, ...Read Review