A Search for Peace: Ann Weisgarber’s The Glovemaker

The poorly-defined middle ground Our world is neither black nor white, which might be why we tell stories about the areas of gray. ...Read Article

An Uncomfortable Truth: Ayesha Harruna Attah’s The Hundred Wells of Salaga

Two women’s struggle for agency in precolonial Ghana The Gurma word “licabili” “was the belief that whatever path you took in life, ...Read Article

Bombay’s Legal Detective

Agatha and Macavity Award-winning author Sujata Massey’s latest novel, The Widows of Malabar Hill (Soho Press, 2018), is the first in her new ...Read Article

A Triumphant Return: Minette Walters’ The Last Hours

After a gap of ten years, Minette Walters’ new novel is a game changer for the author once dubbed the “queen of British ...Read Article

Between the Lines: Deborah Swift on the Women in Pepys’ Diary

Samuel Pepys’ Diary is the foremost resource for life in 17th-century London, and the diary is justly famous for Pepys’s frank revelations ...Read Article

Sugar Money: Jane Harris on Where Fact and Imagination Meet

The basis for many a strong historical novel is a true story, even if that story has come down to us only in ...Read Article

The Whole Art of Detection: An Interview with Lyndsay Faye

After all, despite my legendary prickliness, I am flesh and blood in addition to smoke and mirrors.  –Sherlock Holmes, The Whole Art of ...Read Article

Staying Alive in the Elizabethan Age: A.D. Swanston’s New Series

Andrew Swanston (A.D. Swanston) has forsaken the leading character of his previous three novels, Thomas Hill, and started an affair with a ...Read Article

The Himalayan Codex: Extrapolating Complex Scientific Ideas into Ripping Yarns

In 1946, experts at New York’s Museum of Natural History pore over two new items — present-day bones (with nasty tooth marks) from an ...Read Article

The Women in the Castle: Jessica Shattuck on Metaphor and Empathy

Many assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler’s life occurred prior to and during World War Two. Some perpetrators were convinced of the sheer ...Read Article

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