Wedding Bells for Land Girls (Land Girls 2)

Written by Jenny Holmes
Review by Julie Parker

Written with warmth and humour, this is the second in a trilogy of books about a group of land girls who are based in Yorkshire helping with the war effort. This story is set in the summer of 1942 and begins with the wedding of land girl, Grace, and local lad Bill Mostyn, who runs a tractor business. A helpful glossary at the start helps to place the characters in relationship to each other and indicates where they work and who owns which farms. The landscape is evocatively described, especially in the scenes involving Brenda Appleby as she tours the fells and dales on her trusty motorbike, Old Sloper. Four of the girls in the story, Grace, Brenda, Joyce and Una, are concerned with their love lives, but there is also a secondary plot about the black market involving nefarious goings-on and, ultimately, violence and a death. The daily lives of the land girls and the hard and often gruelling nature of their work are realistically described, and the actuality of the war touches everybody with the men often away, in the airforce, the navy and the army, and a group of Italian POWs based nearby. This is a recommended story about rural life in the Second World War.