HNR Issue 88 (May 2019)

The Doll Factory

By Elizabeth Macneal - Published 2019


Iris paints porcelain faces, ‘threads hair through the holes in the scalp, sometimes curls it with irons heated in the coals,’ in Mrs ...Read Review

Daughters of Northern Shores (A Blackbird Mountain Novel)

By Joanne Bischof - Published 2019



Meet the Norgaard family of rural Appalachia in the late 1800s: Norwegian immigrants who are devout and tough people.  Thor, who is deaf, ...Read Review

The Island of Sea Women

By Lisa See - Published 2019



Life for women in Jeju, a remote Korean island, is very different than in other places. Here women are the breadwinners, working outside ...Read Review

Who Slays the Wicked (Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Book 14)

By C.S. Harris - Published 2019



At one time, Sebastian St. Cyr, himself, had been hunted for crimes he did not commit. Now, however, on a spring day in 1814, ...Read Review

House of Glass

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2018


Clara Waterfield grew up in the early years of the 20th century with the rare medical condition of having extraordinarily delicate bones, liable ...Read Review

The Office of Gardens and Ponds

By Didier Decoin - Published 2019



Set in Heian Japan, the book gives us two startlingly opposed worldviews – the imperial court is described in all its effete, rigid, exquisite ...Read Review

Sarah’s War

By Eugenia Lovett West - Published 2019


In 1777 an embryonic America is fighting a seemingly doomed battle for its existence. Seventeen-year-old fervent patriot Sarah Champion is sent from her Connecticut ...Read Review

Feast Your Eyes

By Myla Goldberg - Published 2019



Lillian Preston is a woman driven to capture her unique world vision through the lens of her camera. In 1953, the seventeen-year old abandons ...Read Review

The Mozart Girl

By Barbara Nickel - Published 2019


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart enjoys beautiful gowns, birthday gifts, and sweets as much as any 12-year-old girl, but she has an extraordinary ...Read Review

The Parisians

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2019


In Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion, the Ritz Hotel is the center of life for the rich and famous and ...Read Review

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