Viva Jacquelina!

Written by L. A. Meyer
Review by Magdalen Dobson

Viva Jacquelina! is the tenth installment of the riveting Bloody Jack series. Jacky Faber has once again been coerced into working for the British Intelligence, this time in exchange for the safety of her now mentally disturbed fiancé, Jaimy Fletcher. While Jaimy recovers in luxury at the hands of Jacky’s Chinese friend and ally, Charlie Cheng, Jacky works as an aide to General Wellesley during the battles of the Peninsular War. After a conflict resulting in Wellesley’s repositioning, Jacky goes undercover in the heart of Spain as a muse to the artist Francisco Goya, charming her way into the imperial court to spy on Napoleon’s brother. All is going well until a jealous rival turns her over to the dreaded Spanish Inquisition, sending her fleeing across the country with a band of gypsies.

I enjoyed reading this book. Although Meyer’s series has been going on for quite a while, he still manages to keep the amusing, carefree tone that has brought readers back again and again. Some elements of the story are starting to get repetitive, however; for example, Jacky’s continuing penchant for playing around on the side while her fiancé is in peril, as well as her improbable journeys around the globe. Meyer continues to be innovative in Jacky’s continuing adventures; nonetheless, I do hope that the end is in sight because fans are not going to wait forever! Recommended for ages 13 and over.